How To | Grinch Kabobs

The new office I work in likes to have an abundance of food. Especially around the holidays! On Friday we all did a "food day" and everyone brought in a little something. Since there have been crazy amounts of cookies, cupcakes, candy, etc, I wanted to bring in something healthier. My mom found these little kabobs on Pinterest (here). 

They are so cute and looked super easy to make. At first I thought they were little Fruit Santas, but then I realized that the blogger who originally posted about them (Teaching With A Mountain View) calls them Grinch Kabobs. How perfect! It makes total sense seeing as how they are green. I decided to try these out and they came out great. Here's how to make this really easy and yummy holiday treat.

Collect all the necessary ingredients:
Green Grapes
Tiny Marshmallows
I used 2 medium bananas, a container of strawberries, enough Large grapes to match the strawberries, and same with the marshmallows and toothpicks.

Step 1: Rinse Your Fruit
Before you start putting the kabobs together make sure to rinse your grapes and strawberries really well.

Step 2: Cut Top of Strawberries
Make sure to cut the green top off of the strawberries:

Step 3: Pick the Large Grapes Out of the Bunch
I went through the grapes and tried to get the largest ones I could find. The bigger the better. 

Step 4: Pre-Slice Bananas (it's a lot easier this way)
I sliced up 2 bananas before getting started so that they were ready to pick up.

Once all the above is done, then you are ready to start putting the little Grinches together!

Step 5: Marshmallow - Puff Ball on Hat
Get a toothpick and put the tiny little marshmallow on the tip.

Step 6: Strawberry - Red Hat
Slide your strawberry up the toothpick until it sits right under the marshmallow.

Step 7: Banana Slice - White Lining of Hat
Slide the banana slice up the toothpick so it sits right under the strawberry.

Step 8: Green Grape - The Grinch
Repeat the sliding up the toothpick with the grape and you're all done!

Here's my plate full of little Grinches!!!

These are my two favorite little Grinches! Everything is perfectly sized :)

Something I would suggest is to do these the day that you're going to serve them. I did them first thing in the morning before work. The bananas can get a little icky if they've hit the air for too long. Here's a snapshot of me doing them at 6:30am before work. It was worth it!

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