Designing My Living Room

As you all know I'm currently living with my fabulous mom and dad. The lease for my apartment in NOVA is coming to an end soon and then once some bills are paid off I'll be free to get my own place. I'm hoping for March/April.  Fingers Crossed!

I think I've even found where I want to live here in Roanoke! The prices here are so crazy compared to what I'm used to up in NOVA and D.C. The apartment complex I'm thinking about is so reasonably priced, that I would be able to have a 2 bedroom-2 bathroom apartment. WHAT!!! I've never even had a 1 bedroom apartment. What am I going to do with all of that space? How will I furnish it?

I was introduced to Modani's furniture (found here)  at the most perfect time! Looking through their amazing modern furniture has really got me thinking about how I would want to design my living room.  Just call me Thoroughly Modern Millie!

I never really considered myself to be a modern person. I'm mostly very simply classic and comfy when it comes to furniture. I believe that chairs and couches should be comfortable enough to sleep on. Pillows too! Well, doesn't this modern sofa look super plush? I would get rid of the corner pillows and slap in some color with the pink, blue and possibly yellow pillows. Color makes a room and I'm a shiny happy person, so these colors are perfect! The LOVE pillows would go right in the middle. They are just too cute.

You guys know how I feel about my books. This Library shelf would be packed full of all of my books. I love that the shelves are different measurements. The consuls in the middle would be perfect for some of the knick-knacky things I have (ladybug collection).

Do you have any suggestions for me about designing a living room? This is going to be a first for me and a big challenge, so I could use all the help I can get!

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