Christmas Eve Traditions

By now the house is decorated, the trees are trimmed, the cookies are all made, and the gifts are wrapped under the tree. My brother came home from Washington, D.C. today and we're all together! I think today is my favorite day of the Christmas season. I love all of the build up to it too ~ the shopping for gifts, the making of treats, the holiday themed movies, and of course the music! The reason I love Christmas Eve so much is because of my family's evening traditions.

When I was 9 years old we lived in Plympton, Massachusetts. On Christmas Eve mom made a big ole yummy lasagna and put it in the oven to cook, then we headed off to Christmas Eve mass. When we got home all of the power in the neighborhood was out, because of the winter weather we were having. Mom checked the lasagna to make sure it was okay, and found that it was ready to eat! We lit some candles on the dinner table and had our Christmas Eve feast. After dinner dad made sure that the luminaries were good to go on the drive way so that Santa would be able to find our house. They tucked us up all snug in our beds and sleeping bags and lots of clothes to keep us warm. I'll never forget that Christmas Eve! It's such a great memory.

Things have changed a little bit in the last 22 years. We've moved a few times and have celebrated Christmas in several different places. Once in California, Chicago, and Northern VA last year. There were a few times when we couldn't be together for whatever reason and I hated it! There was this one time when Jacob came home for 24 hours, literally! He arrived on Christmas Eve and Christmas night headed back to Chicago! We are all also working today. Well, I am :) Mom's officially on vacation from work for a few weeks and Jacob's off. Dad works from home, so I'm really the only one in the office. It will close early, though, so I'll be out of here soon.

Nowadays, some of us (me and mom) can't eat cheese like we once used to. Needless to say mom doesn't make lasagna anymore. Our new Christmas Eve dinner tradition is mom's homemade crab cakes.  Mom made them for the first time four years ago and we ask for them every year now. They are sooo good!  We also like to have sausage with crackers and cheese and the boys enjoy shrimp cocktail.

We still keep the lights down low. We gather around the television and watch A Christmas Story and other movies as well. Before we head off to bed we leave a plate of cookies for Santa and some carrots for the reindeer. I just really enjoy being with my family. It's so much better when we are all together. I just love the togetherness of my family and I love them so much!

What about you? What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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