Super Cute Cardigans To Keep You Warm

Aren't you just loving this chilly weather? I know I am! This kind of weather makes me want to cuddle up in some comfy layers. I'm sure you've heard of ModCloth.  They have some fabulous things on their website. One of my favorite things to help keep me warm, especially while working in a chilly office, is a nice cozy cardigan. ModCloth has some super cute cardigans here.  Here are some of my favorites with a few other items to keep ya warm!

I just love the Inclined to Inspire Cardigan. There's just the tiniest bit of pink in the detail that will just pop with the top and the scarf. I love wearing a scarf throughout the day. I've finally learned out to wear scarves the fashionable way. 

I love this color! This is the color my bridesmaids will wear in my wedding one day :) The From A to Zinfandel Cardigan is so pretty with the white lace on the front. It's so feminine. Pair it with the black top and some jeans or even over a little black dress and you're ready for a night out. This coat is absolutely gorgeous too. I love it. Of course you need a cute hat to keep your pretty little head warm with some matching gloves.

This combination will work perfectly for an afternoon of playing in the snow. Don't 'cha think? The Free-Spirited Fireside Cardigan looks so warm and comfy. Under the awesome orange winter coat you'll be so super warm! Plus, afterwards, while you're warming up in front of the fire, you can stay cuddled up in your cardigan. Love it!

What are some layered ways you stay warm in this chilly weather? Any suggestions? I could totally use some! Oh and only 31 days until Christmas!!!!

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