Living with the Parents Again

Well, I'm back at home with the parents! It's been almost a week and so far so good. The toughest thing to get used to is how cold my parents keep the house. Lots of blankets and socks! When I first moved back we realized that the heat in half of the house wasn't working, so I had a pretty powerful space heater in my room. It should be fixed today, hopefully!  I thought I would give you a tour of my temporary diggs until I get my own place!

Let's start with my boudoir!
This is the room I 'occupied' after college. The room I grew up in is now my mom's room. This room used to be powder blue and then mom was expecting some friends and decided to make it more grown-up. It's a really pretty pewter color now with silver sheers. 
The thing about the furniture in my bedroom is that it's children's furniture. It was actually my mom's furniture when she was a little girl. So it's small :) I've got books under my lamp to lift it up a bit.
Ahhh, one of my many Target book shelves. This white one has been a staple in the Musyt home for years. My mom had quite a few of my Madame Alexander dolls out for display, but I needed shelf space for my "office-y" things. The only one I wasn't able to put away was the Wicked Witch of the West. One day I want to have a beautiful cabinet with glass doors so that all of my dolls can be displayed while being kept dust free as well. I've been collecting them since I was in sixth grade (1994) and have tons of them! I'm not a crazy doll lady...I promise!

Since I don't have a desk right now, I'm kind of using my dressers. My laptop is on my long dresser and the rest of some of my "office-y" things are on top of my tall dresser. When we go up to NOVA Thanksgiving weekend to get the rest of my furniture, then I'll bring in my desk. For now, though, this will work out just fine!

This is my bathroom! Lovely, isn't it. Years ago my mom had several of the rooms redone professionally and this bathroom got quite the face lift. My dad was using this bathroom for himself, but now that I'm home for a little bit he's allowing me the space all to myself. 

Our cozy family room is quite nice. Here you can see my dad watching television, something about the Beatles, I'm sure :) This is where we watch TV together and chill out. Sometimes I'll nap on the couch. It's a great room!

One of the best things about living back at home with my parents is the food!!!!!!!!!!!!  One of my first nights back my mom made homemade chicken noodle soup. It was sooo good!  My mom and dad (mostly mom) are super healthy eaters. In addition to having re-joined a gym, I'm going to get in great shape living with them. 

Living at home, so far, has been quite nice. I've got laundry on site, a full size kitchen, garage parking! Not to mention two fabulous parents that have been sweet enough to let their 31 year old daughter move back home for a few months. Thank you mom and dad!

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