Hellooooooo Friday!

This is my last Friday here in Northern Virginia. Crazy, right? I've been up here for three and a half years and this is my last Friday. Wow!  Here are some highlights from my week ~

1. I know that I told you all about the color run on Tuesday's post, but these pictures came in just yesterday from the Color Run and I love this picture!

2. On Sunday I spent time with some coworkers. They put together a book club and it was our first (and my last) meeting.  We read the book Gone Girl. We all liked it (I loved it) and we had some pretty interesting differences about Amy and Nick. I'm still on team Nick!

3. On Sunday I hung out with my brother. We went to see Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie Night Crawler. Let's just say CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!! After the movie we got some dinner and watched The Walking Dead.

4.  On Tuesday Marina (the pretty blonde on the left) and I had dinner with one of our all time favorite clients. Paul is AWESOME and so sweet. We had dinner at Zentan where we got to enjoy some yummy Japanese food.  I am really going to miss Marina!  We have become such good friends over the last year. We have another couple dates planned before I head out and down to Roanoke; dinner on Sunday and manicures on Monday. I'm going to miss this girl!

5. Last night I had dinner with two of the most fabulous ladies I know. Tara has been an amazing person in my life over the last few months and I'm really going to miss her. Elizabeth is someone that recently came into my life and she's fabulous! We went to the Leg Warmers concert together and I attended a pumpkin carving party with her too. They are both a ton of fun. We had a great time at dinner!

I hope you have an awesome weekend! I'm linking up this post with Lauren Elizabeth and September Farm.

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