#Happiest5K on the Planet!

A few weeks ago all of us department heads and managers are sitting in our weekly Managers Meeting going around the room and sharing the information that we've got for the week.  It is now our GM's turn to share.  After he talks business he throws a curve ball - he has signed us all up for a 5K to do as a team. Not just any 5K, but The Color Run!  I had done one a couple of years ago, so I got really excited knowing what it would be like to participate again! We're talking super giddy!  Everyone thought I was crazy. I was sooo excited!!!!!  Last time I did it was at the National Harbor. This time it was at the Washington Nationals Stadium! How cool is that! Needless to say that I got super pumped up for it!

I volunteered to pick up everyone's t-shirts and numbers. I had an ulterior motive. I wanted to buy Color Run stuff! And boy did I! I got a lime green tutu, awesome hot pink socks, and a super cool water bottle. The money was well spent (The money that The Color Run raises goes to different charities all over; such as the Boys & Girls Clubs, United Ways, and other Children's Charities).

The day of the race, before I left to meet up with everyone, I put on my temporary tattoos!

~Ro had her tattoo on as well~

We all met up around 7am at the hotel ready to go!

Did I mention how cold and icky it was out that day? Well, it was! Crazy cold, overcast, and windy! We were all jumping up and down and all around trying to stay warm. The weather did not stop the crowd! The DJ kept everyone going with the music and of course there was music throughout the entire run. We were not in the first wave of runners. We were probably the fifth or sixth wave. There were A LOT of people there!  We were ready to get this party started!

And we're off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The coolest part about the run being at Nats Stadium was that we got to run into the actual stadium, around the field, up and through the stands and back down and around again. We all loved how they incorporated the stadium itself into the event. It was epic!

Here comes the COLOR!!!!!!!!!

Another lap around the stadium, this time up and down the ramps!

The Happiest 5K on the Planet!

We had so much fun! I would do this 5K again in a heart beat! You should find one in your area and participate. It's a blast! I mean, look how much fun we had and how much color there is! I don't think it's possible to not have fun at The Color Run.

And thanks to the run I hit a personal best on my pedometer! This was only at 10:30am too. I still managed another 3,000 steps throughout the rest of the day.