High Five For Friday

Happy Friday! Thanksgiving was yesterday which means that it's officially the Holiday Season! How was everyone's Turkey Day? I hope you had a wonderful time no matter how you spent it. I was with family and friends and the road. We drove up to NOVA to clear out what remained in my apartment. Tomorrow we'll be putting it in storage. What a day we've had (or are having, depending on when you're reading this :) ).  Here are some highlights from the week ~

1.  I filled up the car with gas for the first time since moving back to Roanoke. Only $28.62 for the entire tank! WHAT!!!! That's with the gas light on!

2.  Over the weekend I went to see Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. It was awesome and everything I had hoped. Part 2 opens next year, November 20th. Can't wait! I might have to reread the book again :)

3.  Roanoke got a new Krispy Kreme in the neighborhood, so of course I had to try it out. I'll tell you more about it next week!

4.  We saw our first snow sightings of the new winter season today. It came down pretty heavy in some parts of Roanoke.  Of course, it was all gone by the time I got home from work. It sure was pretty while it lasted though!

5. Guess what is happening this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jurassic World! The park is open... June 12th!!!

I showed the trailer to my mom and dad on Wednesday night and then we all were so excited about it that we watched the first Jurassic Park movie. Love a good dinosaur movie!

I hope you have an awesome weekend! I'm linking up this post with Lauren Elizabeth and September Farm.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday shared with friends and family. 

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Super Cute Cardigans To Keep You Warm

Aren't you just loving this chilly weather? I know I am! This kind of weather makes me want to cuddle up in some comfy layers. I'm sure you've heard of ModCloth.  They have some fabulous things on their website. One of my favorite things to help keep me warm, especially while working in a chilly office, is a nice cozy cardigan. ModCloth has some super cute cardigans here.  Here are some of my favorites with a few other items to keep ya warm!

I just love the Inclined to Inspire Cardigan. There's just the tiniest bit of pink in the detail that will just pop with the top and the scarf. I love wearing a scarf throughout the day. I've finally learned out to wear scarves the fashionable way. 

I love this color! This is the color my bridesmaids will wear in my wedding one day :) The From A to Zinfandel Cardigan is so pretty with the white lace on the front. It's so feminine. Pair it with the black top and some jeans or even over a little black dress and you're ready for a night out. This coat is absolutely gorgeous too. I love it. Of course you need a cute hat to keep your pretty little head warm with some matching gloves.

This combination will work perfectly for an afternoon of playing in the snow. Don't 'cha think? The Free-Spirited Fireside Cardigan looks so warm and comfy. Under the awesome orange winter coat you'll be so super warm! Plus, afterwards, while you're warming up in front of the fire, you can stay cuddled up in your cardigan. Love it!

What are some layered ways you stay warm in this chilly weather? Any suggestions? I could totally use some! Oh and only 31 days until Christmas!!!!

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High Five For Friday from Roanoke!

Well, I made it through my first week back in Roanoke. Mom and dad have been great! The new job is great! Roanoke is great! I hope you you all had a fabulous week.  Here are some highlights from my week.

{1} TAYLOR SWIFT TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is going to be at Nationals Stadium in July and I am sooooooooooo excited! WooHoo

{2} My first night back in Roanoke we went to Jack Brown's downtown for hamburgers. Seriously, the best burgers ever!

{3} Mom and I ran errands on Saturday and she treated me to my first Alex and Ani bracelet. We each got one. I got the ladybug, because I LOVE ladybugs, and mom got an R. This will definitely not be the last one. I saw so many charms that I liked. I see many more in my future!

{4} The job is great! I'm loving it! I have my own office all to myself. I finally have a window. Well, sort of. It's a top corner window into a co-worker's office. His office has a window and I can see his window from my office. So, technically, I sort of have a window in my office.  I also put up my Lil Bub 2014 calendar. It's not an office without some Lil Bub!

{5} I got my first piece of mail here at the house. You're an official resident when you get mail. Lucky for me it was a super cute card with a kitty on it. Who was it from? You guessed it, MOMMA (and dad too)! Love it!

I hope you have an awesome weekend! I'm linking up this post with Lauren Elizabeth and September Farm.

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Living with the Parents Again

Well, I'm back at home with the parents! It's been almost a week and so far so good. The toughest thing to get used to is how cold my parents keep the house. Lots of blankets and socks! When I first moved back we realized that the heat in half of the house wasn't working, so I had a pretty powerful space heater in my room. It should be fixed today, hopefully!  I thought I would give you a tour of my temporary diggs until I get my own place!

Let's start with my boudoir!
This is the room I 'occupied' after college. The room I grew up in is now my mom's room. This room used to be powder blue and then mom was expecting some friends and decided to make it more grown-up. It's a really pretty pewter color now with silver sheers. 
The thing about the furniture in my bedroom is that it's children's furniture. It was actually my mom's furniture when she was a little girl. So it's small :) I've got books under my lamp to lift it up a bit.
Ahhh, one of my many Target book shelves. This white one has been a staple in the Musyt home for years. My mom had quite a few of my Madame Alexander dolls out for display, but I needed shelf space for my "office-y" things. The only one I wasn't able to put away was the Wicked Witch of the West. One day I want to have a beautiful cabinet with glass doors so that all of my dolls can be displayed while being kept dust free as well. I've been collecting them since I was in sixth grade (1994) and have tons of them! I'm not a crazy doll lady...I promise!

Since I don't have a desk right now, I'm kind of using my dressers. My laptop is on my long dresser and the rest of some of my "office-y" things are on top of my tall dresser. When we go up to NOVA Thanksgiving weekend to get the rest of my furniture, then I'll bring in my desk. For now, though, this will work out just fine!

This is my bathroom! Lovely, isn't it. Years ago my mom had several of the rooms redone professionally and this bathroom got quite the face lift. My dad was using this bathroom for himself, but now that I'm home for a little bit he's allowing me the space all to myself. 

Our cozy family room is quite nice. Here you can see my dad watching television, something about the Beatles, I'm sure :) This is where we watch TV together and chill out. Sometimes I'll nap on the couch. It's a great room!

One of the best things about living back at home with my parents is the food!!!!!!!!!!!!  One of my first nights back my mom made homemade chicken noodle soup. It was sooo good!  My mom and dad (mostly mom) are super healthy eaters. In addition to having re-joined a gym, I'm going to get in great shape living with them. 

Living at home, so far, has been quite nice. I've got laundry on site, a full size kitchen, garage parking! Not to mention two fabulous parents that have been sweet enough to let their 31 year old daughter move back home for a few months. Thank you mom and dad!

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Syonara on this Friday

As you read this I'm either driving down the highway or already there!  It's been a week of goodbyes and see-ya-laters.  It's been an interesting week, to say the least. Closing up accounts at work. Cleaning out my desk and collecting my things. You  know how in the movies when someone gets fired and they carry their personal belongings out of the office in a box and how they always have a plant? Well, that was me today. The plant part...not the getting fired part! I've never had an office plant before. Haha! I don't really have any "down" time before starting my new job on Monday. But then again, I'm moving back in with my parents, so how much down time do I really need? ;-) Let's recap my week, shall we?

Saturday ~ Marcy and I got together and had dinner at Ping in Shirlington and then we went to Nick's Night Club and line danced with some cowboys! I love this girl and I'm going to miss her!

Sunday ~ I got together with some friends for brunch. Brunch is a very popular thing to do in Washington, D.C. So, I thought what better way to spend my last Sunday, than to do brunch :)  I met up with my friends Alex and Liz at Circa in Clarendon. They have the yummiest french toast. We all go the same thing :) American Bistro Breakfast ~ scrambled eggs, bacon, french toast and instead of home fries we got french fries!

Monday ~ Once a month me and my fellow Service Managers would get together at one of our properties and talk about how work is going, groups that are currently at the hotels, etc. Monday was the last one that I would be a part of. We had lunch at Poste in the D.C. Monaco. Alex and Michael are fantastic and I'm going to miss them!

After work on Monday Marina and I got together for our last manicure date. One of the first things I'll need to do after moving back to Roanoke is finding a nail salon. I need to be ready for when Marina comes to visit! Oh, and that's Marina's hand with the gorgeous ring...not mine, but hopefully one day...heehee!

Tuesday ~ There is a women's group that I attend on a weekly basis and over the last year I have gotten to know some of them so well. These women have meant so much to me and on Tuesday night it really hit me for the first time that I'm leaving. I broke down with lots of tears and they reached out with hugs! After our group met, some of us went out for a bite to eat. We went to a little pizza place called Cafe Pizziaolo. Not only do they have pizza, but they have GELATO! That's what I got - chocolate and birthday cake flavors. Yummy! The gelato was so good that I forgot to take a picture of it!

Wednesday ~ The National Geographic Society office on D.C. has a HUGE dinosaur out front. I just thought it was super cool, so I had to take a picture of it!

Thursday ~ Last night was my official Goodbye Gathering with work. My AGM, Ken, put it together and I really appreciated it. People from both Helix and Donovan House came out to send me off. We went to Mio in D.C. and has some yummy food and drinks. Erin ordered me the best cocktail ever ~ diet coke :) she had the waitress put it in a cocktail glass for me. Loved it!
Kenny couldn't make it to Mio, because he had a hot date, but we got together for lunch at Vapiano.

Top: DonnaMarie & Erin
Middle: Modi & Ken
Bottom: Sara

Left to Right
Leigh, Michael, Me, Alex, Amanda

Frankie & Tabetha

I hope you have an awesome weekend! I'm linking up this post with Lauren Elizabeth and September Farm.

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My Last Day in Washington, D.C.

Today is my last day working in Washington D.C., working for Kimpton Hotels, and living in Northern Virginia. What a journey it has been! Every step has been amazing and I'm thankful for every moment that I've had here. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I left Los Angeles and moved to here to learn even more about myself; and boy did I learn!  Tomorrow I will be making the drive down to Roanoke to begin my next journey. Today I thought I would take a look back at my time here in our Nation's Capital.

When I think about first moving back to Virginia I can't help but think of this fabulous lady!
Just weeks after getting married Lindsay and her hubby Tolar let me move in with them for a week or so before moving into my apartment. What newlyweds allow someone to crash? The Tolars! They are awesome and I love them both!
The Color Run ~ National Harbor, 2012
July 4, 2011
Next up, of course is Jacq!


Jacq and her furry friend Frisco are the two best roommates I've ever had. The timing was absolutely perfect for us to become roommates. We had so much fun living together and getting to know each other. We had tons of nights out on the town and tons of nights staying in. 

I remember the first night that Lindsay and Marcy took me out on the town ~ The Clarendon Ballroom!
I clearly liked this top :)
 A co-worker of mine gave us a limo for the night and we went dancing! It was a lot of fun. At the end of the night Linds and I went to the Silver Diner and got pancakes while Marcy kept dancing the night away.

Marcy, Lindsay and I became quite the Trio over the past few years.

I'm going to miss my dear friend Marcy ~ We were both in Lindsay's wedding; that's how we met. We've become wonderful friends over the past couple of years.

When I first started working in D.C. I was at Donovan House - A Thompson Hotel. The people I worked with were so much fun! We all went on a night tour of the monuments and had a blast.

World War II Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
The Lincoln Memorial

I took my parents to their first Washington Nationals Game!

I celebrated some fun birthdays...28 & 29 & 30 & 31!

I was there for the birth my best friend's first baby! What an amazing thing that was to be a part of.

I can't forget my Helix crew ~ I've been at the Helix since June of 2013. Out of the three hotels I've worked at while up here the Helix has been my favorite. Every property and all coworkers have their challenges, but Helix will always hold a special place in my heart. I'll miss some of those people like crazy!
See you at the party Richter!
It's been quite a ride, these past 3+ years. I've met amazing people that have left impressions in my mind and in my heart. I've learned so much about myself and what I want in my life (and what I don't want in my life). I've also been through my fair share of challenges. I am very much looking forward to what lies ahead for me. If you had asked me ten years ago where I'd be now, I never thought I would be saying that I'm moving back to Roanoke. After living in large metropolitan cities for the past almost 12 years I've come to realize that I'm not a city girl after all. Who knew?!

As of tomorrow this will be where I call home!

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