Write or Die Wednesday Link Up

This week I am participating in the Write or Die Wednesday link up; hosted by Vashelle and Mia.  Each week they will give us a prompt to go with and this week is the picture above. So, without further ado, here is what I came up with . . .


Sitting in the dark dingy bar makes Haley feel dirty; like she's doing something she shouldn't be. Being forced to listen to a drunk twenty something bimbo attempt karaoke doesn't help matters either. Haley sits in the back, alone, so as to not be bothered by anyone. She keeps looking from her watch to the door.  Having had enough she gets up and crosses the room to a table full of people. "Tanner, we need to go." Tanner replies, "Chill out sis, we'll be fine. Besides, Candice is almost done."  Haley seems agitated and practically yells at Tanner, "It's almost nine thirty!"  Candice finishes her pathetic attempt at singing and the audience applauses weakly. Tanner and his friends at the table cheer loudly for her.  "Tanner...!" shouts Haley.  "Fine, alright! We're going."  Tanner says goodbye to Candice and the rest of his buddies as Haley practically bolts to the door. "Tanner!" Tanner's attention is caught and he's getting pissed. "Jesus, Haley, I was just saying goodbye. We've got plenty of time."  Haley just rolls her eyes at her brother, "Come on, let's go."

The two shuffle out the door into the night. The only light in the parking light is a dim bulb swinging above the bar exit. Just walking through the parking lot makes the skin crawl on both Tanner and Haley. How could their home have ever become this place of angst and dread? It's amazing what a year can do.  The pair walk briskly down the street as a run-down Toyota Corolla comes racing from around the corner. Tanner jumps across the street to avoid being run over. Haley waits for the car to pass, but instead it stops. She begins to cross the street to meet Tanner when the car speeds up. Haley jumps back. The car makes a fast u-turn and shifts into a 1957 Chevy cop car. The car comes to a screeching halt leaving the headlights to shine directly on Haley.  Haley looks at brother and yells at him to run.

Haley takes off, Tanner right behind, down the dark street. The sirens begin to cry from the Chevy as it starts to go after them. Haley and Tanner turn down a narrow alley.  The car turns toward the alley, but it's too wide to fit at first. The car shrinks inward and drives down following them.  Haley and Tanner come to the end of the alley facing a tall fence. Tanner makes it over with ease, but Haley is having difficulty.  The Chevy catches up and comes to a stop. Two very tall, lanky, shadowy figures emerge from the vehicle. The first one jumps up and over the fence, tackling Tanner to the ground. The second one stretches his arm up and grabs Haley, pulling her down to the ground. Haley sees a pipe, grabs it and takes a swing at her offender. The pipe doesn't shake the figure and he grabs it out of her hand and bends it half, throwing it to the ground. The shadowed figure tosses Haley into the cop car as the second comes up from behind them, tossing Tanner in with her.  The two creatures get into the front of the car and drive off.

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