Hip Hip Hooray for Friday!

Helloooooooo Friday! We meet again :) How lovely to see you!
Today I am in the mood to write center like. 
What do you think?
How was your week, world? What made you smile this week?  What made you laugh, cry, or jump for joy?  
I hope you had wonderful encounters and experiences.
Anywho, here are some of my favorites from the week!

1. Idina Menzel has a Holiday CD out!
I was browsing through my Sunday adds and saw this in the Target add. Then, Spotify sent me an email on Tuesday. I'm going to admit that I did listen to this on the way to work Wednesday. I just love her! Her voices is amazing!

2. I was at PetSmart on Saturday to say hello to the kitties that are there for adoption. I met one that I fell in love with almost immediately. Her name is Arlie and she's 4 1/2 months old. She was a calico and adorable. I wanted so badly to take her home with me, but I knew that I couldn't.  So, I said goodbye and went to Barnes & Noble and bought a 2015 cat calendar instead. Totally not the same thing, but it's the closest thing I can have to a pet right now. I have it hanging by my desk at home. They are so cute!

3. My Director of Housekeeping brings her little puppy to work most days. He's a little chihuahua mix and he is sooo cute! Oh and his name is Jackson. I picked him up today to give him some lovin' and he put his little head on my shoulder. I love this little guy!

4. Hey ladies, do you remember this guy? That's right, Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block. Who met him last night? That's right, ME! Turns out he was having a "meet & greet" at one of my hotels. He was very nice and pretty great with his fans. It was really funny seeing the twenty or so women that were there react when he came into the bar area. The coordinator introduced me to him as "the girl who took care of everything for them." We shook hands and made some small talk. Very cool! I've had The Right Stuff stuck in my head ever since.

5. #fallfunswap
I participated in a fall swap with some other bloggers and instagramers. My partner, Tawny, sent me an AWESOME package!
Tawny makes jewelry and she made me some of my own! I absolutely LOVE the necklace that she sent me. There's an E, a purple rose, and a book; matching earrings to go with it. So pretty! She also sent me a little EOS ball in wildberry...yummy! I love me some Nicholas Sparks and now I officially own all of his books. Throw in a new notepad, perfect for the fridge, and some pumpkin fragrance and I'm all ready for fall! Thank you so much Tawny! I love it all!!!!!

I hope you have an awesome weekend! I'm linking up this post with Lauren Elizabeth and September Farm.

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