Halloween High Five for Friday

How is everyone today? Can you believe that Halloween is upon us! Watch out for the ghouls and goblins! How many Elsa's and Anna's do you think you'll see at your door tonight? I hope you all had a fabulous week. Here are some highlights from mine ~

1. Do you remember that house I told you about? The one that always goes crazy with decorations? Well, they've finished their Halloween yard! Some of the pictures are a little blurry, because we were driving by. The yard looks pretty amazing! I love how much this owner gets into the holidays!

2. On Friday Marina and I went to see the new movie, The Best of Me, based on the Nicholas Sparks book by the same title. It was sooo good! I had my doubts, because so many of the movies haven't been what I've wanted them to be. I loved it! I cried like a big ol' baby...sobbed my face off!

3. On Monday I had a little gum surgery done. To be exact I had a gum graft done on two of my teeth. I've been sore all week, but I've been living off of chocolate pudding, yogurt, and macaroni & cheese! I can't really complain :)

4.  I bought, yes bought, Taylor Swift's new CD. I love it! It's total pop, but a very chill kind of pop. Not super crazy or techno or anything like that. It's got some really good beats. My favorite songs so far are Shake It Off,  Blank Space,  Style, Clean, All You Had To Do Was Stay, How You Get The Girl, and  I Wish You Would. I haven't been able to listen to all of it yet, but so far I like what I'm hearing!

5. Some very exciting changes are happening! I have accepted a new job that is taking me home to Roanoke.  I will be the new National Sales Manager for the Roanoke Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau. My start date is November 17th. I'm super excited! I'll be moving back to my home town in the next couple of weeks. I gave my notice at work here in D.C. on Wednesday. This is the first time I've left a company for a completely new one in a really long time (6 1/2 years)! It will be pretty different not being in hotels, but I'm really looking forward to it. People here at work have been really gracious about my resignation and are happy for me. I'm going to miss a lot of people, but at the same time I'm really excited for this new beginning!
The Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau

I hope you have an awesome weekend! I'm linking up this post with Lauren Elizabeth and September Farm.

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Write or Die Wednesday ~ Cozy

I'm joining in on the fun for today's Write or Die Wednesday: A Writer's Link-Up with Mia at The Chronicles of Chaos and Vishelle at Shelly's Cabaret. Our prompt for today was the word cozy. I thought I would try my hand again at some fiction and below is what I came up with. Let me know what you think and don't forget to join in on the fun for yourself!

As I stand at the doorway waving good bye, I tighten my sweater around me. The air is crisp and smells like the first fire of the season. One whole evening to myself.  Michael took the kids camping for the night and I will be enjoying the place to myself. 

Walking back into the house I collect the remnants of my little ones. Toys here and there. A sock mysteriously without its pair on the stairs. You can't walk around this house and not know that children live here.  Once I get things picked up and put away I start the pot of water to make myself a pasta dinner. 

For some reason I ended up with the kids allergic to tomatoes, so no tomato sauce! Michael is Italian and practically raised on pasta, so we never really eat it at home. I can't even remember the last time I had spaghetti. I'm going to spare no expense and indulge tonight! It sounds kind of silly, but a night of spaghetti and Texas Toast is something I've been looking forward to all week.  

Oh how yummy my kitchen smells. Home made sauce has been cooking in the crock pot all afternoon and the noodles are ready to go. I make myself a plate and head into the family room. With the kids and Michael out of the house I get to watch a movie that doesn't involve cartoons or bombs going off. I pop in Sixteen Candles, sit back, and relax.

About half way through the movie I realize how quiet the house is with everyone gone. If we were all here together, we would be cuddled up on the couch watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It's true what they say; a family does make the home. My family is not complete without my little rugrats or the love of my life. It's so much cozier with them here. 

Michael and the kids will be back first thing in the morning and I'm going to have a great big breakfast ready for them when they get home. Pumpkin pancakes. scrambled eggs, and bacon! It's going to be a feast for my king and little princes.

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Life Lately

The last time I did a Life Lately was back in July.  I thought it might be time to catch you up on my going's on.  I wrote this last night…Enjoy J

Making: nothing…nothing at the moment anyways.

Cooking: I baked some halloween sugar cookies yesterday for some friends and I’m baking some more this week for work.

Drinking: Good old fashion H2O

Reading: The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. I’ve also started Wild by Cheryl Strayed and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  I’m having trouble deciding, but since I’ve seen The Best of Me in the theater I'm on a Nicholas Sparks kick J

 Wanting: to get tomorrow over with. I’m getting a gum graft done at 3pm Monday afternoon. Eeeek!

Playing: I pulled up the band A Fine Frenzy the other day on Spotify. I love that band. Go check them out!

Wasting: energy on the negative people and things that don’t deserve my energy.

Enjoying: all the pumpkin carving parties I’ve been attending. It’s been so much fun!

Waiting: on the weather to get a little cooler.

Liking: that fall has finally arrived. I think that Mother Nature is still a little confused about what season we’re in, because it’s still so warm.

Loving: that the future can hold anything!

Hoping: that no animals were harmed during the making of the film Sex Tape. The poor German Shepard!

Learning: something new every day. As long as I keep my eyes, ears, and heart open to any and all possibilities, then I’ll always learn something new!

Needing: to get my behind off the chair

Watching: Sex Tape with Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz. It’s pretty funny.

Wearing: yoga pants and t-shirt. Sooo comfy!

Knowing: that everything happens for a reason when it’s meant to happen. I firmly believe that!

Thinking: about how I have to get up early Monday morning and straighten my hair.

Feeling: very full! I just ate dinner and I’m stuffed!

How about you? What have you been up to lately?

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High Five For Friday

What a week it has been! I have been very busy and productive. How about you? How has your week been? Here are some favorite moments from my week.

{one} I finally found a Diet Coke with my name on it spelled correctly! Well, my mom found it at the store. So yay! I did not drink it. It's sitting up on my bookshelf with my little coca-colas from Atlanta.

{two} While I was home last weekend I attended an anniversary party with my parents. Our friends Michelle and Alice are an awesome couple and have been together for 25 years.  They surprised us all by GETTING MARRIED! Gay marriage became legal in Virginia just a few weeks before their anniversary party. The invitations had already gone out, so they surprised all of the guests the day of the party. It was amazing to see and so exciting!
they look so happy!

{three} I made apple crisp with my mom while at home and I got to use the FOOD PROCESSOR. It was fun! I sliced up some apples real good!  ;-)

{four} My mom always knows best. That's why she bought me the best $5 gift ever! So, in my apartment I have a teeny tiny little kitchen with 1 sink. I don't have 2 sink tubs, so it makes it a little hard to do the dishes sometimes. Mom got me a bucket! I don't have to fill the entire sink up with water or keep the water running like I used to. So much nicer! I also bought myself a dish rack (I know, what took me so long) instead of just using the dish mat. My kitchen looks so much neater now.

{five} The other night I got together with some friends to carve pumpkins. It was a blast! So many cool pumpkins came out of it.  Mine is the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland!

I hope you have an awesome weekend! I'm linking up this post with Lauren Elizabeth and September Farm.

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For the Love of Music

Happy Tuesday ~ Enjoy!

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How Many Steps Do You Take?

Did you know that it is recommended that you take 10,000 steps a day? That sounds like a lot, right? Well, it kind of is. I didn't know how many steps I was taking until I got my new phone. How, you ask? The new Samsung Galaxy S5 has a Pedometer App on it.  It's called S Health and I totally love it! I didn't realize how few steps I was taking until this application came into my life. The below screen shot is from today (Sunday 10/19) and I haven't done much. I'm currently catching up on Witches of East End.

I keep the app's widget on the home screen of my phone, so that I can keep an eye on my progress throughout the day. It also tracks how many miles you've walked and how many calories you've burned. This is all from casual walking. I haven't gone for an exercise walk with it, but I plan on it this week.

The other cool thing about this app is that you can measure your stress level and how you sleep. I haven't used it for sleep yet. When I sleep with my phone I tend to ignore my alarm and over sleep!

The most steps I've taken so far have been 7,553. There was a festival that I attended and I did a lot of walking. Look at all those steps and calories! I can only imagine what this would look like after an exercise. I don't know if it would work on a treadmill, but I'll try it out and let you know.

You can also look back on your progress. I've done pretty good, obviously except for today, so far anyways. Wednesday I did a lot of walking between work properties. I can definitely tell when I'm too sedentary and need to get up for a walk.

I'm so glad that I have this app on my phone. It's definitely making me much more aware of how much I'm moving. Do you have a pedometer? How do you keep track of your movements?

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Hip Hip Hooray for Friday!

Helloooooooo Friday! We meet again :) How lovely to see you!
Today I am in the mood to write center like. 
What do you think?
How was your week, world? What made you smile this week?  What made you laugh, cry, or jump for joy?  
I hope you had wonderful encounters and experiences.
Anywho, here are some of my favorites from the week!

1. Idina Menzel has a Holiday CD out!
I was browsing through my Sunday adds and saw this in the Target add. Then, Spotify sent me an email on Tuesday. I'm going to admit that I did listen to this on the way to work Wednesday. I just love her! Her voices is amazing!

2. I was at PetSmart on Saturday to say hello to the kitties that are there for adoption. I met one that I fell in love with almost immediately. Her name is Arlie and she's 4 1/2 months old. She was a calico and adorable. I wanted so badly to take her home with me, but I knew that I couldn't.  So, I said goodbye and went to Barnes & Noble and bought a 2015 cat calendar instead. Totally not the same thing, but it's the closest thing I can have to a pet right now. I have it hanging by my desk at home. They are so cute!

3. My Director of Housekeeping brings her little puppy to work most days. He's a little chihuahua mix and he is sooo cute! Oh and his name is Jackson. I picked him up today to give him some lovin' and he put his little head on my shoulder. I love this little guy!

4. Hey ladies, do you remember this guy? That's right, Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block. Who met him last night? That's right, ME! Turns out he was having a "meet & greet" at one of my hotels. He was very nice and pretty great with his fans. It was really funny seeing the twenty or so women that were there react when he came into the bar area. The coordinator introduced me to him as "the girl who took care of everything for them." We shook hands and made some small talk. Very cool! I've had The Right Stuff stuck in my head ever since.

5. #fallfunswap
I participated in a fall swap with some other bloggers and instagramers. My partner, Tawny, sent me an AWESOME package!
Tawny makes jewelry and she made me some of my own! I absolutely LOVE the necklace that she sent me. There's an E, a purple rose, and a book; matching earrings to go with it. So pretty! She also sent me a little EOS ball in wildberry...yummy! I love me some Nicholas Sparks and now I officially own all of his books. Throw in a new notepad, perfect for the fridge, and some pumpkin fragrance and I'm all ready for fall! Thank you so much Tawny! I love it all!!!!!

I hope you have an awesome weekend! I'm linking up this post with Lauren Elizabeth and September Farm.

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Pumpkin Decorating

I always liked the idea of painting a pumpkin. It's sure to last longer than the carved ones. I was wandering around Target over the weekend and found some pumpkin decorating kits in the Halloween section.  The kit is for a 9" - 13" inch pumpkin, but I only had my little pumpkin.

Here's my little pumpkin before:

The first thing I did, of course, was to lay out newspaper so I didn't get paint all over the place.  I used the black chalkboard paint that came with the pack.  I'm actually kind of glad that I only had a small pumpkin, because I used all of the paint!

At this point I got a little ahead of myself and forgot to take pictures. Sorry!  once the pumpkin dried I grabbed the piece of chalk and wrote BOO! on it.  The pack came with stickers and of course I applied those next. I made eyes out of the O's in BOO and drew a face with it. Can you tell that it's a Vampire Pumpkin?

I still want to get a bigger pumpkin and carve it (or paint it). What about you? Are you painting pumpkins or carving them? Tell me all about it. If you put pictures of your pumpkins on Instagram let me know. I'd love to see them!

Write or Die Wednesday Link Up

This week I am participating in the Write or Die Wednesday link up; hosted by Vashelle and Mia.  Each week they will give us a prompt to go with and this week is the picture above. So, without further ado, here is what I came up with . . .


Sitting in the dark dingy bar makes Haley feel dirty; like she's doing something she shouldn't be. Being forced to listen to a drunk twenty something bimbo attempt karaoke doesn't help matters either. Haley sits in the back, alone, so as to not be bothered by anyone. She keeps looking from her watch to the door.  Having had enough she gets up and crosses the room to a table full of people. "Tanner, we need to go." Tanner replies, "Chill out sis, we'll be fine. Besides, Candice is almost done."  Haley seems agitated and practically yells at Tanner, "It's almost nine thirty!"  Candice finishes her pathetic attempt at singing and the audience applauses weakly. Tanner and his friends at the table cheer loudly for her.  "Tanner...!" shouts Haley.  "Fine, alright! We're going."  Tanner says goodbye to Candice and the rest of his buddies as Haley practically bolts to the door. "Tanner!" Tanner's attention is caught and he's getting pissed. "Jesus, Haley, I was just saying goodbye. We've got plenty of time."  Haley just rolls her eyes at her brother, "Come on, let's go."

The two shuffle out the door into the night. The only light in the parking light is a dim bulb swinging above the bar exit. Just walking through the parking lot makes the skin crawl on both Tanner and Haley. How could their home have ever become this place of angst and dread? It's amazing what a year can do.  The pair walk briskly down the street as a run-down Toyota Corolla comes racing from around the corner. Tanner jumps across the street to avoid being run over. Haley waits for the car to pass, but instead it stops. She begins to cross the street to meet Tanner when the car speeds up. Haley jumps back. The car makes a fast u-turn and shifts into a 1957 Chevy cop car. The car comes to a screeching halt leaving the headlights to shine directly on Haley.  Haley looks at brother and yells at him to run.

Haley takes off, Tanner right behind, down the dark street. The sirens begin to cry from the Chevy as it starts to go after them. Haley and Tanner turn down a narrow alley.  The car turns toward the alley, but it's too wide to fit at first. The car shrinks inward and drives down following them.  Haley and Tanner come to the end of the alley facing a tall fence. Tanner makes it over with ease, but Haley is having difficulty.  The Chevy catches up and comes to a stop. Two very tall, lanky, shadowy figures emerge from the vehicle. The first one jumps up and over the fence, tackling Tanner to the ground. The second one stretches his arm up and grabs Haley, pulling her down to the ground. Haley sees a pipe, grabs it and takes a swing at her offender. The pipe doesn't shake the figure and he grabs it out of her hand and bends it half, throwing it to the ground. The shadowed figure tosses Haley into the cop car as the second comes up from behind them, tossing Tanner in with her.  The two creatures get into the front of the car and drive off.

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5 New Fall TV Shows

Ahhh how I love my television shows. It usually takes me some time to get into new shows. This year I have taken on a few new ones. There's a couple that I am loving and a couple that I'm not too sure about yet. Take a look and tell me what you think ~

I am a HUGE Batman fan. Batman is my superhero of choice. I love me some Batman. Not Bruce Wayne, but Batman. I need the leather suit. Anyways, when I heard about this show I was intrigued. A Gotham before Batman? What's the point of that? I checked it out. It's not too bad, but I haven't watched anything past the first episode. Ben McKenzie plays a decent Commissioner Gordon, but no one is going to play it better than Gary Oldman. In the first episode they introduce Selina (aka cat woman) and Oswald Cobblepot (aka the penguin).  I'm not watching it on a regular basis, but I wouldn't put it on the back burner. I think I need to be in the mood to watch it.

Bad Judge
I'm not the biggest Kate Walsh fan and I honestly don't know why she took this role. After Grey's and Private Practice I'm not too sure why she would demote herself. She's playing a California Judge that is a super hot mess. Why??? I get that it's the point - title Bad Judge and all. Why can't she be the successful woman that she is w/o the grossness of her hot messiness? Maybe I'm just a prude. Here's what Glamour Magazine's TV Columnist, Megan Angelo thought about the show ~  A hot mess ceases to feel original when she checks off every bad-girl trait with a premeditated precision. Kate Walsh plays a judge but has sex at work, makes the bailiff hold her pregnancy test, moonlights in a band named Lady Cock, and has cake and wine for breakfast. Bad girl? Cliched girl. I have to agree with Megan on this one!

How To Get Away With Murder
I like this show! Viola Davis ROCKS!  Every episode there is a new case that her law firm takes on. Plus, there is a murder that will probably take the entire season to solve. There are so many twists and turns that I can see this show taking. Or not see it taking. The final scene in the pilot totally shocked me! Come to think of it, so did the final scene in the second episode! Let's just say I'm hooked and you will be too!  Check it out!

Red Band Society
I love this show!  It's one of those shows that will effect your core. There are six kids living in a California hospital and they all have different reasons for being there. Two of them have cancer, one is anorexic, one is in a coma (who's actually the narrator of the show) and the last ones have heart and lungs problems. This group of kids would never have been friends in high school, but they have come together and (sort of) become friends - forming the Red Band Society. It's a show that you can watch with the whole family. Plus, Dave Annable is the head doctor and is super hot!

A to Z
You know him from Mad Men and you know her from How I Met Your Mother as the Mother.  This is a romantic comedy that you'll love. Well, if you're like me and love your rom-coms, then you'll love it. It's all about how they meet, fall in love, and eventually break up. You are told in the very first episode that they date for a little over 8 months.  Each episode title will begin the the next letter in the alphabet. His name is Andrew and her name is Zelda. A to Z is such a cute show and I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens between A & Z.

I'm still watching my returning favorites. Especially Nashville, The Mindy Project, and Vampire Diaries. What about you? Have you checked out any new shows? What shows are you watching this fall? Tell me all about them. I'd love to find some new favorites!

My 10 Favorite Beauty Products

Wait! Are we ice skating home? Did hell freeze over? It might have, because I'm doing a beauty post! Haha! Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic.  I rarely post about beauty products, because I don't feel that I am in anyway authorized to talk about beauty products. I'm a very 'classic' type of girl. Once I find a product that I like I tend to stick with it. Today I thought I would share some of those products (in no particular order)!

1. & 2. Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser and Face Lotion
I absolutely love Aveeno's skin care products. They are clean, no perfumes, and clear of pretty much any chemicals. My doctor even approves! I can sometimes be a victim of adult acne, I've fought it all my life, and the clear complexion products really help keep those nasty buggers away.

3. Gillette Sensor 3 Sensitive Sensible Disposable Razor
I will say that this is the BEST razor I've ever used. I totally came across it by accident.  In December of last year I went to Ohio with my mom and dad for my Aunt's funeral. I was so flustered by the entire ordeal that I packed really poorly. We are in the hotel room and I was getting ready to shower and I really needed to shave my legs. I had forgotten to pack my razor, so I asked my mom and dad if they had an extra with them by any chance. My dad had an extra disposable razor that I was able to use. BEST SHAVE EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not even kidding. It's $4.99 for a pack of 4 razors. I won't use anything else.

4. Covergirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup
I have gone through so many foundations since I started wearing makeup. I started early too, in 6th grade (that's early, right?), because of theater. Out of all of the foundations that I've tried, I like this one the best. It's a very smooth application and it covers up my red spots and acne scars really well. It's not noticeable that I'm wearing makeup either. I'm L4 which is classic beige. I love it!

5. Mabelline Volume Express The Rocket Volum' Mascara
Mascaras are a tough one for me. I'm very particular about the brush. Some mascaras flake once their dry and I hate that! I really like the brush that comes with this mascara. It dries fast and it doesn't flake. I always get mascara in 'blackest black.'

6. L'Oreal Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner 24 Hour
I used to use brown eye shadow for liner. I would wet a small angled brush and apply it that way. It started to get pretty messy, so I knew that I needed to find a new way. I'm horrible with a pencil and I just feel like I'm stabbing myself in the eye. I've always wanted to try Gel, so when I found this product I was definitely game to try it. With the Infallible Gel Lacquer you only need a small amount on the tip of the brush. A little goes a along way. The brush is really soft and the color glides on so smoothly. It took me a little while to get the hang of it, but I absolutely LOVE this eyeliner!

7. Simple Eye Makeup Remover
This is a very gentle eye makeup remover. It doesn't sting or smell funny. It does a great job of taking off the eye makeup.

8. Bath & Body Works Lotions
I love the scents that bath and body works makes. My three favorite scents are paris, moonlight path and sea island cotton. There are soooo many to choose from, but I've found that I always come back to these three.

9. Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Body Lotion
I have really dry skin. Especially my hands and feet. I wash my hands sooo much throughout the day and my feet get abused from wearing heels at work all day. Before I go to bed I like to put the Advanced Therapy Body Lotion from Lubriderm on.  As long as I use it pretty regularly, it does really well for my hands and feet.

10. Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Perfume
I'm not a big perfume person, but I love this perfume. For Christmas 2010 my mom gave me a little sample box of six different Victoria's Secrets perfumes. I fell in love with Rock Star, but they stopped making it. My next favorite was the Sexy Little Things Noir. The last time I went to Victoria's Secret I smelled all of the other ones and this still remains my current favorite.

Well, those are all of my favorites. How about you? What are some of your favorite beauty products?

The Last Sunday Social

I found out last week that this will be the last Sunday Social. Of course I had to participate. I have done my fair share of Sunday Socials and wanted to be a part of the final one. This week's questions will be taking us back to the beginning, so here we go :)

Social Sunday

1. How did you come up with your blog name?
I like to consider myself to be a positive person. Always trying to look on the bright side. I'm also a dreamer. I wanted to be a Star! So, I thought Looking to the Stars was a nice catchy blog name. Plus, there's that saying ~

2. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Meeting new people that I have things in common with. I've met so many people through blogging, especially fellow readers.  I love being able to chat about the books I've read and want to read.

3. What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now can't live without?
Blog Designs! I think I'm on my fourth one :) I never thought I'd be crazy like that, but I love changing up my design. I know that some people would advise against it, but I just can't help it! It's like my hair! Sometimes I just want to go blonde or cut it off. I'm really happy with my current design, so I don't plan on changing it up anytime soon.

4. Facebook or Twitter? Why?
I'm going to go with Twitter on this one. It's more generic. For me it's a fun way to stay connected with celebrities and new stories. I've considered getting off of Facebook several times. I just don't really like it much anymore. I do like that I can keep in touch with people, but I also really don't like the drama that can come with it.

5. If one celeb read your blog, who would you want it to be?
Gosh, this is a tough one! I think I would want Mindy Kaling to read my blog. I love her so much! I really feel like I can relate to her and I think we would have so much in common. I think we would be best buds in real life :)

6.  What is something you want people to know about your blog?
Everything I say is true and honest. I didn't start this blog to be popular or to gain a million followers. I just happened to be bored at work and needed something to do. I didn't expect to fall in love with blogging! This is my third blog. The other two flopped, but I've had this one for two years. I love it! I love sharing my ideas with people and getting ideas from other people. I have found new books and movies to love. I've found great fashion advice as well.