Hello Friday!

Hello everyone. Another Friday has arrived and we are all here together. This week has been a rough one, because of the kidney stones. It turned out to be a lot worse than I had originally thought and I had to go into the hospital for two surgeries. Even with all of the tough stuff going on, I have been able to find the light :)

My brother hung out with me at the hospital on Friday until we figured out what was going on. Then my parents left Roanoke at 4am to get here before my first surgery. Talk about an awesome family! I love them so much and don't know what I'd do with out them!

Can you say SUPER MOM! My mom stayed with me all week! She was amazing at putting up with me. She cleaned, did laundry and cooked for me. My mom is pretty amazing! Thank you soooo much! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I picked the perfect time to get Netflix back. Mom and I found a new show that I'm totally obsessed with. Melissa Joan Hart & Joey Lawrence's show Melissa and Joey. I totally love this show!

The outfits that they have Melissa Joan Hart in on the show are pretty classy and awesome! Watching her wardrobe is going to be great for me. I'm taking a lot of notes. By Googling her outfits I found a website called 'shopyourtv.com' LOVE IT!
Melissa Joan Hart from 'Melissa & Joey' - love her style! Melissa Joan Hart from 'Melissa & Joey' - love her style! Melissa Joan Hart from 'Melissa & Joey' - love her style!

With all of the madness from this week I managed to loose 3.8 pounds! WooHoo! I've also been without diet coke for 12 days! That's the longest I've ever gone without caffeine. I haven't had pizza in that same amount of time. With all the kidney stone stuff going on I'm going to making some changes to my diet. 

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