10 Things That Make Me Happy

I was challenged by my fabulous friend Kate over at A Thought and a Half to participate in the challenge ~ 10 Things That Make Me Happy. I love talking about things that make me happy, so this was no problem!  I now challenge Linsday (Pursuit of Pink) and Kiersten (She is Fierce) to blog about 10 things in their life that make them happy... :)

a thought and a half

1 ~ Fresh flowers, especially daisies! They are my favorite flower.

2 ~ Ladybugs...they are lucky and so cute! I have a ladybug tattoo, I have tons of ladybug stuff all over my apartment - pillow, mug, spatula, cutting board, salt/pepper shaker, my list goes on. I love them!

3 ~ Kittens, cats, anything that meows. Especially Lil Bub. I follow Love Meow on Facebook. Seeing little kittens just brightens my day. They're so sweet!

4 ~ Time with my family. They are the most important thing to me and I love them tons and tons!

5 ~ A good book - especially the kind that I enjoy going to bed early to read. I've been doing that a lot lately. Whether it's a chick book or a sci-fi thriller (thanks dad!), I love my books! Now that it's getting cooler outside, I love to curl up in a blanket and read.

6 ~ MOVIES! Especially all things Disney and chick flicks. Although, I love a good action movie.

7 ~ Pictures & scrap booking. I have about 12 scrap books and so many more pictures to put into scrapbooks. Some people think I'm silly to make scrapbooks, but I love them. One day when all the power goes (and it will), I will have my pictures to look back on!

8 ~ Manicures, especially the shellac. I feel so pretty and girlie when I have my nails done.

9 ~ My girlfriends - I'm definitely one of those people that has a small group of amazing friends, as opposed to a lot of friends that are just 'eh' and I'm okay with that. I know they'll be there for me always and forever, no matter where any of us are living.

10 ~ Being me and the best version of myself. It has taken me some time to get to the best version of myself, but I think I'm finally on the way!