Yay for Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm loving the weekend already and the work wee isn't over yet. But it's almost over, now isn't it :-)  I hope you had a great week. Did you get rain or sunshine? I got a little bit of both here in northern Virginia. I don't mind the rain so much. As long as the weather is nice for the Miranda Lambert concert tomorrow, it can rain as much as it wants to!  Now, onto this week's recap ~
We all know about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that's been surfing around the social media hub. Well, my mom challenged me!
My Bestie Lindsay was in town for a work reception and stayed with me for a night. It was like a mini-slumber party. We were up until midnight chatting and catching up. The next morning we had lunch and Marcy joined in on the fun. Just like old times, us Nova Girls.
Since cancelling my cable, I have to find other means of entertainment and background noise. I've been indulging in a guilty pleasure of mine ~
Pay day was this week. When I start making random purchases at Target, then I know it's time to put the debit card away :)
I've really been getting into my reading lately. I'm reading The Strain right now (not my typical read) and I'm really enjoying it right now. I'm hoping to finish it within the next week and start one of my long awaited Nicholas Sparks books...or at least something a bit more light hearted.

I hope my High Five For Friday posts inspire you to take a few minutes and find the good in your week. I'm linking up this post with Lauren Elizabeth.

Have a fabulous day!