Summer Concert #4 ~ Johnnyswim

If you haven't tuned into Johnnyswim (my new favorite band), then get on it!

I first heard about Johnnyswim from my mom who saw them in concert in Roanoke this past May. She immediately fell in love with them. When I was back at home in Alexandria I had the CMT channel on and saw their music video for Home. It was the first time I had heard this song and I loved it!  I immediately downloaded their album Diamonds and I haven't stopped listening to them since.  Mom is a Facebook fan of theirs (and now me too) and found out that they were performing at the Hamilton in Washington, DC and let me know right away.  I recruited my friend Marcy who had also heard of them and bought us tickets.

The real life wedded couple, Amanda Sudano (daughter of the late Donna Summer) and Abner Ramirez, are a Los Angeles based duo. They started writing and singing together back in 2005 in Nashvillle, TN.  They are so amazing to watch live.  Amanda and Abner are soulful when they sing. They are true storytellers with their lyrics. They sway to each other and they rock out on stage.  They get so into the music I was in awe just watching them.  When Amanda is leading a song and she has her eyes closed you see Abner watching her and the same when he's singing with his eyes closed.  It's so beautiful. They are so much fun with the audience too. They tell you stories about what some of the songs mean. Toward the end of the show they even came out into the audience and played an A-Capella version of Home. Then they sang a little bit of Jackson the way Johnny Cash and June Carter did. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcy and I had fantastic seats! Check out the show from our point of view . . .

Here's a quick video clip of one of my favorite Johnnyswim song A Million Years.

Here's a live version of their song Diamonds. I wanted you to hear Amanda sing. She's fantastic! They both are!