My Blog As A Home

Jess, who blogs at Writing In Red Lipstick did a post the other day called If My Blog Were A House. I loved it! Oh, and it's a tagging game, too :) You're it! I loved the idea of turning my blog into a house. I chose the word "home" to put into this blog title, because to me a home is more than just a house. A home has warmth and feeling. It's a place you keep wanting to go back to. I keep coming back to my blog all the time. I reveal the things I love, the things I fear, and my challenges on this blog.  My 'blog home' I feel is a lot like my 'dream home.' 

soft cream painted brick home. Great  thing to do to a small brick home, it will  look bigger & stand out.
I like the lamp post out front, because it reminds of Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
I absolutely love this purple bathroom | The chandelier in the dining room is perfect!
The most perfect office! The long table is perfect for scrapbooking and I still have a desk to do my other my blogging!
Of course I would need a library.  Walls covered in books, a fire place to keep me warm and a big comfy couch to curl up on. I love the large window.  I would want a big window seat like this one.
I'm not sure where in the house this staircase would go, but I love it!
This will be the finished basement. What else would you do with a basement, anyways :)

Always Kiss Me Goodnight Saying Vinyl Decal- Wall Art- Master Bedroom, Decor. $8.00, via Etsy.
My bedroom. Always Kiss Me Goodnight is what caught my eye with this room. I actually have that in a frame in my apartment. 

Well, that's my Blog Home. What do you think? What would your blog home look like? Tell me all about it!