High Five For Friday

yay for another friday! i find myself so grateful for fridays. this week was much better than last week, but something always seems to pop up at the end to make it a little crazy.  i missed last week's high five for friday, so i'll try to catch you up a bit.

i got a new 'do...what do you think?

i attended my very first professional football game ~ washington redskins vs the new england patriots. my patriots lost...but i had fun anyways!

you've probably noticed by now that the blog looks a little bit different. thanks so much to aimee at this darling day for making my blog so pretty! she was so patient and gracious with me and amazing to work with. here's what it looked like before in case you forgot already :)

after not having cable for three years and finally getting cable and having it for five months, i decided to cancel it.  i shouldn't have gotten it to begin with, because it's really expensive. the upside to being without cable now is that i'm reading so much more already! i had been sitting on 6 books read for the year and within the last 10 days i have finished 2 books! woohoo! i'm definitely going to hit my goal of 20 books read for the year. it's amazing how sucked into television you can get.

of course, this isn't good news, but i just wanted to say another little something about robin williams. he was a wonderful man, funny, genuine, and kind. he made the world laugh and sometimes laugh so hard we cried. inside he was suffering from depression and addiction. both are demons that are hard to fight. unfortunately, robin williams lost that fight. now he is free from his demons and is at peace. i like to think that he is making god and all of the angels cry with laughter!

i hope you all have had a fabulous week!  any fun plans for the weekend? first, tell me all about your week and what you've got going on! happy friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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