Check Out My New Shades!

A fabulous lady from Firmoo contacted me about their eye wear. She offered me any pair I wanted in exchange for a review. Well, gee! Of course :) Since I wear contacts, I decided to pick a pair of sunglasses. I love tortoise shell, so I went with that. When I finally got them in the mail I was so excited! They sent me a beautiful hard case along with a soft bag and a cloth to clean them with. Check it out ~

I absolutely love the hard case then gave me. It's a world map :) You can also see how thing the frames are. This makes them really light weight. I can hardly tell I'm wearing anything when I have them on.

The only thing I wish about the glasses was that they wrapped a little bit more around the sides. I can see the outline of the frame when I'm wearing them. But the lenses are nice and dark and being as light weight as they are I really like them!