Sunday Social

Happy Sunday! It's the last day of August and we are that much closer to autumn.  Autumn is my favorite season. I just love the cool crisp air, the changing of all the colors, and the coziness of it all!  Well, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  I'm linking up with Ashley Lately for today's Sunday Social.

What is one thing you hate doing?
taking out the trash. i hate it! sometimes i'll collect all the trash and put it by the door so i make sure to take it out. however, i don't. only until is begins to stink do i end up taking it out.
yes, this is currently sitting my by door.
What is one thing you hate shopping for?
shoes...i am on the rather longer end of the shoe size, so it's difficult. when i do find shoes i have to snatch them up rather quickly!

What is one thing you love doing?
watching movies and reading a good book. i'm watching a movie right now :) pride and prejudice, the 2005 version with keira knightly. i'm reading the new bridget jones book and i'm stuck on mark darcy. gotta love it!

What is one place you love going?
of course i love going to the movies! and barnes and noble :)

What is your favorite thing to do that you do daily?
right now, i'm going to go with sleep. i'm curled up in bed now as i'm writing this. bed is just so comfortable...i love bed.

now it's your turn to have some sunday fun and answer the questions. 

have a wonderful day!

High Five For Friday ~ My Birthday!!!!!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a week it has been. Luckily for me it was a three-day week :) :) :) :) Yesterday was my birthday and it was a fabulous day! Mom is here to visit for the weekend and we always have fun! 
1. First of all, I want to thank everyone out there for the amazing birthday wishes. Even if it was only because Facbook reminded you, THANK YOU! Even Google remembered my birthday ~

2. A BIG Thank You to my Bestie ~ her and her little one did a fabulous birthday note to me on Facebook today and I absolutely loved it!

3. With mom here, of course we always go shopping! We hit up 2 DSW stores and TJ Maxx yesterday. Today we are venturing off to IKEA. Mom's never been to one before and she's super excited.
How hot does mom look in that red leather jacket? | Did you know that Miranda Lambert had a shoe line????

4. Tonight mom and I went to see The Band Perry at Wolf Trap. THEY WERE AMAZING!!!!!!!! So fantastic. More on these awesome siblings next week.

5. On a side note, I have finished The Strain and am not onto Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy. I have high hopes, being a big Bridget Jones fan. Fingers Crossed!

Linking up with the Lauren Elizabeth for High Five For Friday. Go check out the link up and meet some great bloggers!

Have a fabulous Friday!

Check Out My New Shades!

A fabulous lady from Firmoo contacted me about their eye wear. She offered me any pair I wanted in exchange for a review. Well, gee! Of course :) Since I wear contacts, I decided to pick a pair of sunglasses. I love tortoise shell, so I went with that. When I finally got them in the mail I was so excited! They sent me a beautiful hard case along with a soft bag and a cloth to clean them with. Check it out ~

I absolutely love the hard case then gave me. It's a world map :) You can also see how thing the frames are. This makes them really light weight. I can hardly tell I'm wearing anything when I have them on.

The only thing I wish about the glasses was that they wrapped a little bit more around the sides. I can see the outline of the frame when I'm wearing them. But the lenses are nice and dark and being as light weight as they are I really like them!

My Blog As A Home

Jess, who blogs at Writing In Red Lipstick did a post the other day called If My Blog Were A House. I loved it! Oh, and it's a tagging game, too :) You're it! I loved the idea of turning my blog into a house. I chose the word "home" to put into this blog title, because to me a home is more than just a house. A home has warmth and feeling. It's a place you keep wanting to go back to. I keep coming back to my blog all the time. I reveal the things I love, the things I fear, and my challenges on this blog.  My 'blog home' I feel is a lot like my 'dream home.' 

soft cream painted brick home. Great  thing to do to a small brick home, it will  look bigger & stand out.
I like the lamp post out front, because it reminds of Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
I absolutely love this purple bathroom | The chandelier in the dining room is perfect!
The most perfect office! The long table is perfect for scrapbooking and I still have a desk to do my other my blogging!
Of course I would need a library.  Walls covered in books, a fire place to keep me warm and a big comfy couch to curl up on. I love the large window.  I would want a big window seat like this one.
I'm not sure where in the house this staircase would go, but I love it!
This will be the finished basement. What else would you do with a basement, anyways :)

Always Kiss Me Goodnight Saying Vinyl Decal- Wall Art- Master Bedroom, Decor. $8.00, via Etsy.
My bedroom. Always Kiss Me Goodnight is what caught my eye with this room. I actually have that in a frame in my apartment. 

Well, that's my Blog Home. What do you think? What would your blog home look like? Tell me all about it!

Yay for Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm loving the weekend already and the work wee isn't over yet. But it's almost over, now isn't it :-)  I hope you had a great week. Did you get rain or sunshine? I got a little bit of both here in northern Virginia. I don't mind the rain so much. As long as the weather is nice for the Miranda Lambert concert tomorrow, it can rain as much as it wants to!  Now, onto this week's recap ~
We all know about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that's been surfing around the social media hub. Well, my mom challenged me!
My Bestie Lindsay was in town for a work reception and stayed with me for a night. It was like a mini-slumber party. We were up until midnight chatting and catching up. The next morning we had lunch and Marcy joined in on the fun. Just like old times, us Nova Girls.
Since cancelling my cable, I have to find other means of entertainment and background noise. I've been indulging in a guilty pleasure of mine ~
Pay day was this week. When I start making random purchases at Target, then I know it's time to put the debit card away :)
I've really been getting into my reading lately. I'm reading The Strain right now (not my typical read) and I'm really enjoying it right now. I'm hoping to finish it within the next week and start one of my long awaited Nicholas Sparks books...or at least something a bit more light hearted.

I hope my High Five For Friday posts inspire you to take a few minutes and find the good in your week. I'm linking up this post with Lauren Elizabeth.

Have a fabulous day!

Summer Concert #4 ~ Johnnyswim

If you haven't tuned into Johnnyswim (my new favorite band), then get on it!

I first heard about Johnnyswim from my mom who saw them in concert in Roanoke this past May. She immediately fell in love with them. When I was back at home in Alexandria I had the CMT channel on and saw their music video for Home. It was the first time I had heard this song and I loved it!  I immediately downloaded their album Diamonds and I haven't stopped listening to them since.  Mom is a Facebook fan of theirs (and now me too) and found out that they were performing at the Hamilton in Washington, DC and let me know right away.  I recruited my friend Marcy who had also heard of them and bought us tickets.

The real life wedded couple, Amanda Sudano (daughter of the late Donna Summer) and Abner Ramirez, are a Los Angeles based duo. They started writing and singing together back in 2005 in Nashvillle, TN.  They are so amazing to watch live.  Amanda and Abner are soulful when they sing. They are true storytellers with their lyrics. They sway to each other and they rock out on stage.  They get so into the music I was in awe just watching them.  When Amanda is leading a song and she has her eyes closed you see Abner watching her and the same when he's singing with his eyes closed.  It's so beautiful. They are so much fun with the audience too. They tell you stories about what some of the songs mean. Toward the end of the show they even came out into the audience and played an A-Capella version of Home. Then they sang a little bit of Jackson the way Johnny Cash and June Carter did. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcy and I had fantastic seats! Check out the show from our point of view . . .

Here's a quick video clip of one of my favorite Johnnyswim song A Million Years.

Here's a live version of their song Diamonds. I wanted you to hear Amanda sing. She's fantastic! They both are!

Bookworm Problems

My name is Erica Musyt and I am a 30 year old pathological reader. I would like to say in my defense that I don't really get the appeal of YOLO. I live many times over. Hypothetical, subterranean lives that run beneath the relative tedium of my own and have the power to occasionally penetrate or even derail it. I find it hard to name one took that was so damn delightful it changed my life. The truth is, they have all changed my life, every single one of them - even the ones I hated.  Books are my version of "experiences." I'm made of them. I "borrowed" this quote from Zadie Smith. She's an author that was recently featured in an issue of Oprah Magazine - July 2014.

I'm a liiiiiiiiitle bit behind on my magazines. Over the weekend I was trying to catch up and Oprah was featuring books to read during the summer. I loved what Zadie had to say about books. I feel so much the same! Books, similarly to movies, allow a way to escape. I love escaping from reality, especially after a tough day at work.  Curling up in bed is probably my favorite time to read. Ever since I cancelled my cable a couple of weeks ago I find myself hitting the sheets around 8/8:30 and reading until about 10pm.

When magazines write about book recommendations I always find myself cutting out the books that appeal to me. I have this little notebook that I've taped them all in.  I'm about to tape in some more :) I'm almost out of room.  Here are a few books I'll be adding to my notebook: I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You, by Courtney Maum; An Untamed State, by Roxane Gay; The Quick, by Lauren Owen.

One of my all time favorite movies is You've Got Mail. It's all about books! Every time I watch this movie it makes me want to move to New York City. It also makes me want to own my own book store and live in the apartment above it. I'd have a little cafe, maybe a weekend jam session for local musicians, children's reading hour on Saturdays. I wouldn't sell just children's books, like Kathleen Kelly in the movie. I would sell all sorts of types. I love all genres of books. I read fiction the most ~ historical, sci-fi, fantasy, chick-lit. I also read memoirs and how-to books.  Everyone so often I find a Young Adult book that really grabs me.

On my Pinterest Book Board there are tons of picture quotes about books.  Here are some of my favorites.

Oh For a Book and a Shady Nook

thats me!!.

harry potter inspired...apparently this a tote from go!sac - so awesome <3

God's Not Dead

Over the weekend I watched a couple movies about faith, belief, and God ~ God's Not Dead & Heaven is for Real.  These two movies hit me harder than I thought they would.
God's Not Dead has a few story lines, but the main story line is about a young college student named Josh. Josh is a freshman in college and is taking a Philosophy class to complete a credit.  Josh's teacher, Professor Radisson, wants all of the students to write on a piece of paper God Is Dead and then sign and turn in.  Josh refuses.  He can't possibly write this down when he believes it to be untrue.  Radisson takes this as a challenge.  See, Radisson is an Atheist. Josh has to win over his class and get them to believe that God's not dead or Radisson will fail him.  There are a couple of other story lines about people struggling with their faith or being put down for it.  Josh's journey into himself and into his own faith was really touching to see.  The film brought me to tears a couple times.

Heaven is for Real is based on a true story about a little boy who visited Heaven while being operated on. He saw amazing things; he met Jesus, his great-grandfather, and saw a choir of angels singing. The biggest thing for me in this movie was the power of prayer.  While the little boy, Colton, was in the hospital a phone tree got started and before you knew it the whole town was praying for him and his family.  These people stopped everything they were doing to pray for them.

What would I have done in these moments? Would I have written down what the Professor had asked me to?  Would I have stopped everything I was doing in that moment to pray for someone who really needed it? I'd like to think that I would have been as strong as Josh to say 'no' to the professor. I want to say that, 'yes,' I will absolutely pray for you right now. I absolutely do believe in God and I always have. I grew up in the Catholic church with my family. I'm not the most consistent person when it comes to attending mass on a regular basis, though. I'm a work in progress!

Back in June I did an entry about letting go {here} and letting my Higher Power take the reins on my life. He's the one with the plan, right?  My Higher Power is God.  How do I know he's real? Well, I don't know. There's no proof. I believe him to be real in my heart. I believe that he is working in my life. I'm alive and there have been some times and some situations where it could have gone the other way.  In some ways I feel like a cat with nine lives.  Late last year I decided to really listen to what my Higher Power was telling me and start a new way of life. Boy did my life change and for the better!  

Since then I find that I pray a lot more. I pray every night before I go to bed. My prayers and long and detailed. I have also started to attempt meditating. I'm not a pro at it, but I'm trying.  A friend of mine suggested that I set a timer for five minutes and just count my breathes. When I find my mind wandering, then I should start over with counting. It's only five minutes, right? That's not too long at all.  Let me tell you, sometimes it feels like forever! I feel like Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love when she's trying to meditate and a minute feels like an hour.  I'm looking forward to getting really good at it.

Have a fabulous week :)