My Summer Essentials

It's definitely summer! Especially with tomorrow being Independence Day. I can't believe the year is half over.  Before you know it we'll be bundling up from the cold winter weather.  While summer is still here, I have definitely made a habit out of a few things.  Check out some of the things that have become my summer essentials!

1. I love my silver Merona sandals from Target. I wear them all of the time with everything!
2. Last week I talked about my new favorite mousse here and boy have I been going curly in this heat! There's really no point in straightening my hair when it's going to end up in a clip anyways. I have been living for these hair claws.
3. I got Netflix back for Orange is the New Black, but ended up catching up on Pretty Little Liars. I am now fully caught up and just in time for season 5. I only missed the first 3 episodes and took care of that real quick!
4. My mom got me hooked on EOS Balm when she got me my first one for Christmas last year. Now I'm on my second ball and I love it! I don't leave the house without it.
5. I have been getting more manicures than I ever have before. There's this cute little nail salon in Del Ray and I get my gel manicure every couple of weeks.  The gel lasts so much longer and the ladies there do such a great job!
6. These shorts, Merona from Target, have been my summer life saver! They are so comfy, I love them!

What are some of your Summer Essentials? Tell me all about them below!