High Five For Friday

I love it when Friday comes around. My work week is over and the weekend is here :) I have quite the weekend planned. My mom and dad are coming up. We have a White House tour tonight. Tomorrow we're celebrating my dad's birthday a wee bit early. Sunday there might be a concert to attend.

I hope you had a fabulous week! What did you get into? How was work? Anything fun planned for the weekend?  Check out my week and then make sure to tell me all about yours below!

Over the weekend I bought a ticket to see the fabulous Miranda Lambert! She's going to be at Jiffy Lube Live in August and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got me a new hair cut (said with a really country accent). What 'cha think?

On Sunday my brother went to his first Washington Nationals game EVER! The Nats were playing the cubs all weekend and a bunch of us got together. We had a blast! Gooooooooooooo Nats, I mean, Cubbies, I mean...well WooHoo! :) We had amazing seats!

This was my brother's first Washington Nationals game. They were playing his Chicago Cubs, so it was a Cubs game :)

Having some fun with the bottle caps :)

The Nine West store in Pentagon City Mall is closing.  It's a sad sad day...except for the fact that everyting is $29.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my new sandals!

~ Penelope had a booboo on my way home from work yesterday.  No, this isn't exciting news. It totally sucks. My poor Penelope :( Getting into a car accident in downtown D.C. is NOT fun and I don't recommend it. Especially when it involves a taxi driver!!!!!!  Did I get angry? Oh yeah, I even acted like a total biatch.  At the end of the day, however, I was okay. I was fine. The other guy was fine too. No one got hurt, thank God!
~ As much as I love Penelope, she's just a car (shh...don't tell her I said that). If this guy turns out to be a not-so-great-person like I have a feeling he is, I only have to pay the deductible. I walked away from it. I survived. I have lived to see another day!  To the taxi drive that I crashed with - I'm sorry I was a biatch. To the guy behind me that was yelling at me to move even though I was in a car accident and he was being a tool - I'm sorry I yelled the F word at you (he kind of deserved it though). But still, I'm sorry!


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