Happy Independence Day

What a week it has been! I'm so glad it's Friday and that the week is already over. Yay for a three day weekend! Oh and a holiday ~ I hope you all had a fabulous week!  What did you get yourself into?

***Happy Fourth of July!!!

Over the weekend I saw the new Transformers movie. I loved it! There are Dinosaur Transformers and a hot new guy!

At work they decided to put our gold fishies in the Sales office. I have pets now :) I will feed them twice a week and make sure they know that they are loved.

Yesterday my boss, the scruffy one, took our sales pod out for a "working" lunch. We went to Cantina Marina on the water front and had a blast. I get to work with such great group of people. We have so much fun together.

Don't get me started on these two! Modi (left) is the GM of the hotel I work at and Nadine (right) is my coordinator. We were taking silly pictures and just having fun.

I did it! I joined Gold's Gym this week and I got a personal trainer, Roberto.  I'm killing calories on the elliptical. Roberto and I had our first PT session on Tuesday. He gave me some "homework" to do until we meet again. I'm going to get fit like crazy!  I can't wait to get this weight off.

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