A Health Risk I Didn't Think About Before

My last fitness update was two weeks ago and since then there have been a few things that have rattled me awake.  I found out that a kid that my brother and I went to high school with passed away.  He was 29 years old and died of a heart attack.  A Heart Attack at 29! Craziness :(  There's also my cousin Kellie who's not doing so well.  Kellie is in her late twenties and really really sick.  She has been suffering from diabetes for a long time now. I saw her back in December when we were in Ohio for my Aunt Irene's funeral.  She was vibrant and optimistic.  Since then Kellie has been through so much and we don't know what her future looks like.  It's really sad to think that this beautiful young girl may not live to see her 30th birthday.  Please keep Kellie in your thoughts and prayers.

All of this has really made me think about my health and my life in general.  With everything that my cousin is going through I've been doing a little internet digging on diabetes.  I found this information below ~

Type 2 Diabetes
~ The body does not produce enough insulin for proper function, or the cells in the body do not react to insulin (insulin resistance).
~ Approximately 90% of all cases of diabetes worldwide are of this type.
~ Some people may be able to control their type 2 diabetes symptoms by losing weight, following a healthy diet, doing plenty of exercise, and monitoring their blood glucose levels. However, type 2 diabetes is typically a progressive disease - it gradually gets worse - and the patient will probably end up have to take insulin, usually in tablet form.

~ Overweight and obese people have a much higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to those with a healthy body weight. People with a lot of visceral fat, also known as central obesity, belly fat, or abdominal obesity, are especially at risk. Being overweight/obese causes the body to release chemicals that can destabilize the body's cardiovascular and metabolic systems.
~ Being overweight, physically inactive and eating the wrong foods all contribute to our risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Drinking just one can of (non-diet) soda per day can raise our risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 22%, researchers from Imperial College London reported in the journal Diabetologia. The scientists believe that the impact of sugary soft drinks on diabetes risk may be a direct one, rather than simply an influence on body weight.
~ The risk of developing type 2 diabetes is also greater as we get older. Experts are not completely sure why, but say that as we age we tend to put on weight and become less physically active.

I found a website that has an Ideal Weight Calculator.  According to my height of 5'5", being female, and 30 years old my ideal healthy weight is 134 pounds.  My recommended weight range is between 119 and 149 pounds.  I'm definitely "over" that and am sitting at 160.2 pounds.  So, technically I am overweight and that's probably just one of the reasons why my doctor wants me to lose weight.  One of the other reasons was my blood work.  He said that the numbers weren't anything to get concerned over, but that he'd be more comfortable if I was down around 140 and he did use the term "overweight" when he described me.  I keep yo-yoing and it's driving me bananas.

So here's what I'm going to do...I'm going to start walking the walk that I'm always talking about.  I'm going to start taking my own advice, the advice of my mother, the advice of Jillian Michaels, the advice of my Doctor, and all the wonderful inspirational things I post from the world wide web.  I need to break my bad habits.  Instead of eating my feelings I need to go for a walk. Instead of feeling tired after work I need to get my butt to Zumba or Body Pump.  I cancelled my Planet Fitness gym membership on Saturday and I re-joined Gold's Gym yesterday.  I even went the extra step and purchased 6 personal training sessions.  I start tonight...eeeekk!  They are 60 minute sessions...I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow!

I'll keep you posted on everything, as always :)  Oh, and keep Kellie in your prayers! *xoxo*

stop eating CRAP
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Motivation Wall- Master Bathroom
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This is why I work out
If I were in the Hunger Games I would be so dead so fast at the rate I'm going right now. I'm going to change that and become my own version of Katniss ~ Ericaniss :)