Update: 31 Days of Spending Zero

So..... yeah! I've decided that I will be tacking on an additional 15 days to my 31 Days of Spending Zero.  Why, you ask? Because I basically sucked at it this month so far. I did really well the first week and then it all went out the window.  Here's a reminder of what/where I wasn't supposed to spend my money ~

List of things I will definitely be cutting out:
~ Eating at Restaurants - I did order pizza one night, I got breakfast at a deli the other day, and I ordered Chinese with a friend one night too.
~ 7-11 in the morning with Erin - I definitely went here at least twice.
~ Whole Foods during lunch (or ever) - Nope!
~ Clothing - I bought 1 shirt for the National Sales Week I'm attending for work, so that's okay.
~ Hobbies - Nope
~ Entertainment - movies :( - Guilty! I got snacks at 'Maleficent' and then went to see 'The Fault in Our Stars' and got snacks there too. No Redbox, though, so that's something!
~ Toiletries (no hair color...eek!) - Nope!
~ Home Decor - Nope!
Commitments that I have already planned that I will require a bit of extra spending:
~ 06/06 Dinner and  Movie with my Brother - Jacob paid for everything - Thanks bro!
~ 06/13 Bestie Farewell - we ate in and chilled at my place, so no extra money was spent.

Let's get real people! At this very moment in time I have $0. I'm only making it because of my credit card right now :(  I'm in Scottsdale on my work trip, so my meals and travel are all taken care of by the company at the convention. I get paid on Friday and this will be my first paycheck since my promotion. I have a lot of medical bills from my LEEP that was in April as well as that random trip to the ER in January.  I just got a letter from my apartment building and I have to sign a new lease so my rent will be going up.  AWESOME-SAUCE! I guess my raise came at a really good time, seeing as how my rent is going up in August.

When I get back from Scottsdale things are going to change around here where money is concerned.  I need to get out of debt (finally) and save some money. I'm going to sign a 9 month lease, which will put me in this apartment until May 1st.  That's plenty of time to prepare for a bigger place with a bigger rent. I'm growing out of my Studio Apartment and am totally ready for a One-Bedroom.

Let's save some money, shall we?