The Last June Sunday Social

Today is the last Sunday in June.  Can you believe that Tuesday is July already? Crazy that half of 2014 is officially behind us.  Well, to start the week off let's have a Sunday Social ~

Social Sunday

{one} What was your college major?  Did you ever change majors?
When went away to college in NOVA I was Undecided at first.  I was in some 'major' denial (haha no pun intended).  About 2 months into my first semester I finally changed my major to Theater.  

{two} What is the best purchase you've made lately?
Hmmm...I did go a little crazy at Barnes & Noble yesterday.  I bought the new Women's Health magazine. two new books, a new planner, and a new journal.  I love planners and journals.

{three} What is something we still don't know about you?  And Go...!
I keep my apartment and office really cold.  As my brother would say, "it's perfect hoodie temperature."  If you already knew bad! Haha :)

{four} What is your favorite Holiday?
If you took a look at my Holiday Pinterest Board then you know the answer is....

It's almost time for one!!!  This one is too cute!!
You guessed it, Christmas.

{five} What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Definitely snooze my phone alarm a million times! I tend to check my social media accounts.  Eventually I get my butt out of bed to get ready for the day.