Thank the Lord It's Friday

Happy Friday!  I am so exhausted I can't even begin to tell you.  As I mentioned last week I was in Arizona for most of the week for a Kimpton National Sales Conference.  I flew out of Washington, DC and as I was flying in the sky I saw my apartment from the plane ~ So cool!

{one} It was my first trip to Arizona. It's a really pretty state. Oh and it's H-O-T! Granted there's no humidity, but it's still hot as all get out.  It took me back to my days in Los Angeles. I'm very grateful that we were inside with the AC for most of the day.  When we at breakfast, broke for breaks/lunch and had our events in the evening we were outside. The weather was fantastic while we were there.

{two} I don't even know where to begin to describe this event.  There were 407 people from Kimpton gathered together for the sales conference.  It's absolutely amazing the kind of meeting event that this company can put together.  Kimpton sure does know how to put on a show!  Giant screens, amazing center pieces, and awards!  My region includes Washington, DC, Virginia, and Baltimore.  The Baltimore team won an award!!! I can't remember which one, but YAY!
(from top left)
Better.Faster.Strong | Team B-More Wins! | Crowd of 400 | The Center Piece at my table...lots of M&Ms

{three} Oh and our evenings...woohoo! They were crazy. The first night was a Studio 54 themed party.  There were crazy dressed people and go-go dancers and yes, that's a horse in the lobby!  The second night was a Lolla-Pool-ooza party. Rock 'n' Roll party by the pool. Crazy amounts of food, fun activities (I got a fake tattoo and pink hair!), and an giant Ice Luge & Bar in the shape of a guitar!
(from top left to right starting at top)
The pool at night during our events. So pretty! | Horse in Lobby | Ice Luge/Bar | My Region & Team | Best Wontons EVER | There's a duckie in my drink | Me & Elvis.

{four} Let's talk about the hotel I stayed at ~ Fire Sky Resort & Spa. I was given a King room and this room was HUGE! I think it was the size, if not larger, than my apartment.  I had a massive walk in closet and a balcony.  The bed was super comfortable. I could have slept there for all three days. The Housekeeping staff was wonderful.  The housekeeper who had my room left me makeup towels in the bathroom. So sweet and thoughtful! Yesterday morning I had breakfast in the restaurant and ordered a waffle. DELICIOUS!
(from top left clockwise)
The view from my balcony | Yummy Waffle with strawberries and whipped cream | the pool | makeup towel

{five} This girl right here is fabulous! We've become great friends and a great co-workers.  This trip was tons of fun and having her there made it all the better. Love you girl!

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