I think Lucy Hale and I would be friends.

Have you ever felt that there's a certain celebrity out there that you just know you could be best buds with?  I never really thought that until I read this week's US Weekly.

I didn't know who Lucy Hale was until Pretty Little Liars.  My best friend Lindsay got me into the show and I became a huge fan right away.  I follow the girls from the show on Twitter and Instagram and that's how I found out that Lucy was working on a country music album. I love my country music!  Her album just came out and it's fantastic!  I bought the US Weekly for the Miranda Lambert article, but was pleasantly surprised with their segment "25 Things You Didn't Know About Me" featuring Lucy Hale.

Here are some of her 25 things that I can totally relate to:

#4 ~ "I'm obsessed with teeth. I have teeth crushes on people."
#21 ~ "Eyebrows are kind of my thing."
These are two things (three if you count my hair) that I am totally obsessed with when it comes to appearances.  They are the first things that I notice about other people and myself.

#9 ~ "Although I play a liar on TV, I try to live a pretty honest life. I get anxiety just from telling a white lie."
Totally! Honesty is so important in life and in relationships.

#11 ~ "I got to bed thinking about my morning coffee."
In my case it would be my morning diet coke.

#14 ~ "You many not hear my Tennessee accent when I talk, but you can definitely hear it when I sing."
Same here.  I have a pretty neutral accent when I'm speaking.  Country music is the easiest genre for me to sing, because it comes naturally to me. When I go home, watch Nashville or Hart of Dixie, or spend time with Lindsay my accent definitely comes out :)

#15 ~ "I swear, ranch dressing was my secret weapon. Ranch is always the right answer."
I discovered ranch dressing in the sixth grade. Of course, I already knew it as a salad dressing, but putting it on french fries or chicken? WHAT??? Amazing!

#18 ~ "I'm usually drawn to and attracted to musicians."
Bad boys, what can I say? I've definitely had my heart broken by a few.

#20 ~ "I want to dye my hair a crazy color."
I don't know about crazy, but part of me really wants to go back to blonde one day.  I'll do it again. I'll surprise you!

#25 ~ "I used to have a crush on one of my castmates...."
Um, hello, it happens. I think I've had a crush on someone in each show I've ever done. It's called a Show-mance. You work so closely with these other people and acting brings out all sorts of emotions.

Can you imagine a better celebrity friendship? What about you? Any celebrities that you just know you'd click with? Tell me all about it.