How I Stay Organized

I'm LOVE organization.  When I feel out of sorts I start organizing. Once I get started I have a hard time stopping.  Today I thought I would share a few ways that I stay organized.  Here we go!

Let's start with cards.  I have TONS of cards.  Blank cards, Thank You cards, Get Well Cards, etc.  My mom got me started picking up cards when I see them.  I have and I have a lot, especially birthday cards :) I have this wonderful hat box that was a gift years ago.  I don't own any hats and round boxes are hard to use for storage, so I put all of my cards in there.  I also made label pages on my own too.

I have a thing for office supplies, especially note books.  I seem to collect them.  I found this box at TJ Maxx and it was a perfect fit for all of my notebooks.

Another way that I stay organized is a schedule.  I have a little 1 Week dry erase that I keep above my desk. I used to use a monthly one, but keeping things at one week at a time is so much easier!

This next one is my favorite and it's brand new. While I was home on vacation I had a doctor appointment.  Nothing crazy, just a check up.  My doctor said that I need to lose some weight.  Part of that is getting my food situation straight.  Now, you guys have heard be go on and on about my health/fitness/weight loss journey.  I've been going back and forth & up and down about it.  I've not kept my motivation, but when the doctor tells you it's time, then it's time!

Here is my weekly food schedule planner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's sold as a family planner, but I'm using it to plan my week of food. It's colorful and I love it!  I've already planned out this week.  Monday I was traveling back, plus my apartment had absolutely no food. I'm serious! My fridge contained a brita filter, cranapple juice, and salad dressings.  Tuesday I had a lovely breakfast and then spent the afternoon in Old Town for lunch.  I started back to work on Wednesday and for the rest of the work week my food is pretty repetitive. I eat the same things all the time anyways :) The other awesome thing about it are the little post it notes on the right hand side. I can leave myself notes to remember to take the salmon out of the freezer, for example.

How do you stay organized?  What works for for you?