Feast for a Finale

I have become a HUGE Game of Thrones fan. Largely in part because of my brother.  He's been watching it from the beginning and when I finally started watching it he was super excited.  The season four finale aired on June 15th and my brother had a big bbq - Lots of Meat BBQ Extrav I Ganza -  to celebrate it.  What says Game of Thrones better than a lot of....

Pork Shoulder to be exact.

Let's start at the beginning.  I got to my brother's house before he did (he and some friends went rock climbing and I beat them back). I let myself in and got a great big welcome from Sir Butters.  Butters and I played outside for a little bit while we waited for Jacob and his friends.  I peaked around inside to see what Jacob had planned for dinner and that's when I saw the pork shoulder sitting in the fridge. Yummy!

When Jacob got to the house he wanted to take me for a ride in his new jeep.  Well, new to him. It's a '95, but in really good shape.  He's already improved the sound system and is going to put some monster tires on it soon.  The jeep is in really nice shape a lot of fun to ride in.

 Now, on to the BBQ!  Jacob barbecued the pork while we all hung out and played Heads Up on his buddy's iPhone. Jacob killed any subject that had to do with animals and I dominated the Super Stars & Blockbuster categories.  Butters could smell the pork sitting on the grill and Jacob gave him a peak.

There's always room for play time.
Once the pork was done they threw on some veggies and I even helped make some coleslaw. I'm not a very fast chopper, so Jacob finished it.  By the time the food was ready we were all checking our phones constantly to make sure that we didn't miss the start of the show.  We ate up (no utensils allowed...Jacob's rules in the fashion of Game of Thrones).

Once the show started no one was allowed to talk.  If they did someone would yell out VIOLATION! Jacob turned all of the lights off and the surround sound up....let it begin... I can't wait until Season 5!

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