31 Days of Spending ZERO!

On June 2nd I started my No-Spend Challenge. I still had a few groceries to buy on the 1st, so that's why I started on the 2nd. Ruth, who blogs at Living Well Spending Less, is all about spending less and doing no-spend challenges. She has a great rule of thumb to go by while doing it. When I decided to do this, I turned to her experience for advice.

31 Days of Living Well & Spending Zero.  Freeze your spending.  Change Your Life.  Awesome way to reset your spending patterns or kick-start your budget!

The idea is to cut out all non-essential spending. Here's a list of things I will definitely be cutting out:
~ Eating at Restaurants - including take out
~ 7-11 in the morning with Erin
~ Whole Foods during lunch (or ever)
~ Clothing
~ Hobbies 
~ Entertainment - movies :(
~ Toiletries (no hair color...eek!)
~ Home Decor

There are a few commitments that I have already planned that I will require a bit of extra spending:
~ 06/06 Dinner and  Movie with my Brother
~ 06/13 Bestie Farewell
~ 06/16 - 06/19 - I'll be out of town on a work trip, but all of that will be expensed.  I also have to purchase a few things in advance for this trip that I will hopefully be able to expense.

Even though it's only day four I'm doing really well!  On Tuesdsay I hosted the wine reception at my work and I made $10 in tips (shhh...don't tell HR).  I almost stopped at Harris Teeter on my way home to grab a pizza. Then I remember that I'm doing my June Body Challenge, so the pizza's not going to help with that. Plus if I don't spend the $10, then I'm $10 richer! WooHoo!

Well, here we go! Today is pay day, so I'll be paying my bills (sooo much fun). Other than that I have a work event tonight, sibling date with my brother tomorrow, and the weekend is bound to be chill since I'm not spending any money.  Ooh, a free museum would be good :)  Anyone wanna join in?