What's in a Pinterest Page?

Do you have Pinterest?  If you don't, then you totally should!  Here's my reasoning  ~ Pinterest was created so we could keep things that we find online in one place, right?  Things that we like, think are cute, recipes we want to try, fashion ideas, home ideas, movies, music, books... you get the idea. I was thinking the other day that a Pinterest page would be a great way to find out what a person might want as a gift or even a great way to get to know someone

I have 24 Pinterest Boards that cover a whole lot of stuff!  Home Ideas, Fashion and Beauty, Fitness, Entertainment, Travel, Food, Holidays, Animals, etc. Let's look at my mom's pinterest page. My mom LOVES Tiffany's. If I had a fat wallet I would know exactly what to get her just by looking at her Bobble Dreams Board.  Not only does this tell me what I could get my mom as a gift, but it also tells me she has amazing taste!
Summer!Snow!Someones tatoo!

Now let's use my Pinterest page to get to know me :) If you look at my Pinterest Boards you can definitely find out what I'm into.  I LOVE books. I have a Books board that has 32 pins. The pins are not necessarily just books. Some of the pins are book related quotes, clothes with book quotes on them, books I've read and want to read. Some really cool things!
For Harry Potter fans.

My largest Pinterest board is my Inspiration Board.  I'm a big fan of staying positive. I don't like negativity and really try to stay away from it.  When I find a quote that inspires me or makes me smile, I pin it!  
"I love the person I've become because I fought to become her."

Custom Nursery Quote Sign hand painted You Are by VermillionDrive. $90.00, via Etsy.

That's right
If I find something inspiration on my phone, then I screen shot it.

So cute!

If you take a look at my Funny Stuff Board you'll find I have quite the sense of humor ~
Pretty much. Sad, but true!

I love cats, DIY projects, holidays (especially snowmen), tattoos, yummy foods, jeans & t-shirt outfits. I could pin stuff all day long. I love Pinterest.  If you don't have Pinterest, at least promise me that you'll consider getting it. I was immediately hooked and I LOVE it! I think I'll go start pinning stuff now :)