What I'd Like to Wear ~ Gems

Instead of waiting until next week I thought that the Gem portion of my experience at the Natural History Museum would be perfect for a What I Wore Wednesday post. What girl doesn't love a beautiful Gem Stone around her neck? What is it that Marilyn Monroe used to say... Diamonds are a girl's best friend?  Well, it wasn't the diamonds that I was interested in. Have you seen the Emeralds????? Let's start at the beginning . . .

There is a Harry Winston Gallery. Some of the most beautiful jewelry I've seen is Harry Winston.

Have you head of this diamond, the Hope Diamond?  "The Hope Diamond has existed for more than a billion years.  Since it formed deep within the Earth, the Atlantic Ocean has opened, closed and opened again.  The dinosaurs have come and gone. Humans evolved and spread across the face of the Earth.  Over the past three centuries, a rich human history full of mystery and intrigue has made it one of the world's most famous gemstones." I'll take two! :)

~ It looks a lot like the Heart of the Ocean from Titanic ~

Oh and the Emeralds!
*I'll take an Emerald any day*

~ The pertains to the AMAZING ring on the left ~
What redhead doesn't look good in Emeralds? Julianne Moore wears them well!

Okay, back to reality!  Beyond the beautiful jewels are some really crazy looking gems.

It wouldn't be right to end this post with more jewelry . . .
This Tanzanite ring is amazing!  12.11 carats!

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