Like A Tourist: Crazy Mammals!

On Sunday I ventured out into the beautiful weather to discover The Natural History Museum.  The last time I had been there was in 2000.  My Biology class at community college took a day trip up to DC and we were able to wander as we pleased.  I was really excited to visit again!  Just like the American History Museum there were so many cool things (totally went picture crazy) that I can't fit it all into one post, so today I'm talking about mammals!

If you didn't know, the Elephant is one of my favorite animals.  When I was little I was told that I have the memory of an elephant, because elephants never forget. Ever since then I have loved them!  Any time I go to a zoo I love to just watch the elephants.

"Standing before you is the largest mounted specimen of the world's largest living land animal.  Measuring 4 meters (13.2 feet) tall at the shoulder, this elephant weighed nearly 12 tons."

As soon as you walk into the Mammals section there is this guy right above you saying "hello, I'm going to jump on you and maul you to death!" 

This little guy has HUGE ears! I bet you he can hear for miles. It probably helps him run from other animals trying to eat him.

There are some interesting poses that they have put these mammals in. This cat has totally caught his dinner. So sorry birdie, but you're done for!

I think this little guy is posing for Play-Mammal! haha!

This gorilla is about the same size as me. He's so cute.

Another interesting pose. This fox it definitely about to pounce on the rhino.  The rhino is just sitting there minding his own business. Poor guy doesn't even know what's about to happen!

MONKEYS!  I love monkeys.  They're so cute.
This guy wants to give you a big 'ol hug!

Then I wandered over to Australia.  I learned all about the Kangaroos and their weird toes.  Then I see this guy trying to hop like a Kangaroo ~  He looked like he was having fun!

The museum was all about teaching us how babies milk from their mommas.  It's probably because that is one of three traits that make mammals mammals :)  We have Hair, Our Mothers produce Milk, We have Ear Bones.  Those three things are what makes us mammals. Thanks to the educational video! In the Australia section you can see the babies milking in the Kangaroo pouches.

These lions were serious about their Dinner!

The Fox reminded me of Mr. Fox from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

 So many animals pouncing on their prey.  Can you see the snow white fox curled up? So cute!

That's it for today! I didn't want to overwhelm you with pictures.  Next week I'll show you all the beautiful Gems including the Hope Diamond!  Have a great day!