H54F ~ Vacation Wrap Up

Happy Friday everyone :) I'm officially back in the real world, work and all, but vacation was great.  I took soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many pictures while out of town, so I did the best recap that I could. I drove from DC to Roanoke ~ Roanoke to Atlanta - three different cities w/in Atlanta ~ Atlanta to Charlotte, NC ~ Thanks mom for driving from Charlotte to Roanoke ~ Roanoke back to DC! Lots of driving, lots of friends, lots of fun! I hope you enjoy!

~ Good ole Roanoke! I headed home first. I enjoy going home to Roanoke, because I get to see my awesome parents and stroll around the cute downtown area.  The weekend I was home the Local Colors Festival was going on.  There's is a fabulous small outdoor arena that was just redone.  There is a great stage and seating for hundreds of people.  The Local Colors festival highlights the ethnic and cultural diversity of the Roanoke area.  I was able to sit down with my fabulous friend Jessica (she blogs over at Just Rainbows & Butterflies) and we watched some fun dancing to some pretty great music.
~ I also love the market place. There is fresh fruit/veggies for sale from local farmers and flowers and pottery and so much else!  Every time I'm in Roanoke I try to visit the Star.  It's the largest man made star in the world. In the evening it lights up and it's fantastic! I love it.

~ After stopping in Roanoke, I headed down the the Atlanta area to visit some friends. My first stop was my lovely dear friend Stephanie and her two little boys.  Steph and I hadn't seen each other in almost 2 years!!!!  Since then she's had her second little boy, Vince.  I arrived with toys for the boys and flowers for mommie.  I brought the boys shovels (Vince is loving one of them in the pic below), buckets and squirt guns for bath time.  Steph tried to teach Frankie Jr how to use the squirt gun, but he didn't quite get the concept.  There was a HUGE accomplishment while visiting them ~ Vince crawled for the first time :) :) :) it was fabulous.
~  I then headed to meet some lovely ladies that I've known since I was 10 years old.  Janice and her daughter Lauren took me out to dinner and hosted me for a night. It was lovely to catch up (Lauren's engaged!!!!!) before heading to the Georgia Aquarium.

~ My last stop in Atlanta was in Peachtree City.  A good friend of my mom's lives there and they hosted me for a couple nights.  Peachtree City is a "planned community" and it is fabulous! I would totally live there one day.  Sue is retired and was able to enjoy her free time with me.  There is a neighboring town called Sonoia and it turns out that the TV Show The Walking Dead, along with a few movies, films there.  There is an official Walking Dead store with all sorts of souvenirs and props from the show.  One of my favorite movies was filmed there as well - Fried Green Tomatoes.  The main house is still in the town and it is now a bed and breakfast. Love it!

~ The World of Coca-Cola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ You guys know how much I love my diet coke :)  Sue and I went into the downtown Atlanta area for the tour of the Happiest Place on Earth. We got our picture with the Coca-Cola bear, had a ride in the 4D movie experience, tasted coke products from all over the world (they all pretty much were gross), and so many incredible pieces of information and items from over the years. Did you know that coca-cola was bought for $2300 and then years later sold for $25million!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Moly!
~ Back in the 1950's a "giant" 16oz Coca-Cola served 3 people! HAHAHAHA! Not today!

~ Last, but certainly not least, was my trip to Charlotte with my momma.  She met me down there for Memorial weekend and we had so much fun!  It turned out that NASCAR is down there (my bad for not knowing this) and the SpeedStreet 20 was going on.  It's basically a giant street festival celebrating NASCAR with entertainment (Thompson Square anyone), food trucks, games, and all sorts of things going on. It was definitely busy down there.
~ While down there we drove around to the different little neighborhoods that make up the Charlotte area. We also investigated the shopping scene out there. We approve!
~ Thanks to the street vendors I was able to get my annual funnel cake. Yum-O!

Vacation was pretty good.  Roanoke, World of Coca-Cola, great friends and Momma-Daughter Time. How can that be bad? :)  I will say that as much fun as I had, it's good to be back in my own bed in my lovely apartment. My next vacation will be on a boat or a beach or both! No more driving for me :)

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