The Last . . .

The last ...

Thing that made me smile  
Winning a $100 gift card to my absolute favorite store.  I got the email on Monday morning (I'm writing this Monday) and I was sooo excited! I never win anything!!!

Time I cried 
The most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy.  There is a scene in the very beginning where a man was in a bad car accident and severed his spine. He'll never walk again and he'll only be able to breathe with the help of a ventilator. He chose to unhook the vent and die. So sad!

Time I laughed out loud
The Mindy Project
It's back and who knows what's going on with Mindy and Danny, but I LOVE this show. I crack up all the time. Watching it on Tuesday I literally fell off the bed!

TV Show I got into
Dallas...the resurrected version on guys!  I never watched the original back in the 80's.  I needed a show to keep be busy and I got hooked! I'm on Season 2 right now and it's really good.

Can you tell that I'm a little into the show???


Time I was pretty impressed

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
I really didn't want to see this movie.  Once I did I thought it was fantastic!
I definitely recommend renting this movie.

Time I was not impressed
American Hustle
I think by the time I saw this movie, it had been talked and talked and talked about, that I just found it overrated. 

Product that I really loved
I love this stuff!  It doesn't make my hair crunchy or give it that 'wet' look.  It comes out as a liquid and then foams up. I love it!

Product that I don't recommend
It's not long lasting 24 hour protection. I tried it, because I tend to get small cysts under my skin from antiperspirant.  Tom's doesn't cause them, but I get some pretty bad BO from this stuff.

CD that I actually bought
Lea Michele's debut album and it's been worth every penny.

DVD/Blu-Ray that I bought
Back to the was $5 at Target!

What was your "last"...?