Like A Tourist: Julia Child's Kitchen

Last week I started telling you about my trip to the National Museum of American History. I took sooo many pictures that I couldn't' fit everything into one post.  Today's post is dedicated to Julia Child.

Julia on the set of her Emmy Award winning Daytime Television Cooking Show

The NMAH has Julia's entire kitchen.  During my visit I over heard a tour leader letting a group know that everything in her exhibit is the original, except for the floor.  The museum put down their own floor, but brought all of Julia's belongings into the museum.  The counters, kitchen table and chairs, book shelf, stove, oven, fridge, pots, pans, tea kettle, etc.  You get the idea.  All of my pictures, courtesy of my photographic skills and the NMAH display, were taken through plexiglas. They're a little fuzzy, so my apologies!

Even Julia Child was a Pat's fan! Goooo Patriots! :)

In 1996 Julia won a Daytime Emmy Award for her television show on PBS.
Her show was called In Julia's Kitchen. It wasn't filmed in her actual kitchen, but in PBS studios.
I think I remember seeing it once when I was little.

In 1966 she also won a nomination letter for "Individual Achievement in Educational Television for her show The French Chef.

I'll be back next Tuesday with some more pictures from Washington, DC's
National Museum of American History