Like A Tourist: Easter in Old Town

What a beautiful weekend we had! So lovely and sunny and perfect for Easter Sunday.  People come out of the wood work for Holy events such as Christmas and Easter.  I'm glad everyone comes out to celebrate! I love seeing the little kids all dressed up in their Sunday best and everyone looking so happy. Oh and the feeling of togetherness! On March 5th I posted about the season of Lent and how I went to church on Ash Wednesday. I talked about a few things I was hoping to accomplish during Lent - volunteering at an animal shelter and the 40 Day Bible Challenge.  Well, neither of those things happened.  I did however, find a church that I love. After Ash Wednesday I went to a few churches, but none of them really felt like "home." Then four weeks ago I remembered that there is a Catholic Church in Old Town Alexandria that I pass by all the time.  I went to the 8:30am mass and fell in love with St Mary's.

St Mary's reminds me of the church my family goes to back home in Roanoke ~ St Andrew's. My parents still attend mass and I go with them when I go home.

Remember that really long line and huge crowd that I waited in for mass on Ash Wednesday?  Well, it was pretty much the same on Sunday.

St Mary's is beautiful inside.  The stained glass windows and signs of the cross are so pretty and colorful. The balcony in the back is where the choir sings during the masses.  On Easter Sunday the choir was so amazing! There was a trumpet player and everything!  It was really wonderful.  Love this church! I'm so happy that I decided to check it out.

I went to the 10am mass and it was packed! I got there really early, but because the 8:30am mass was still going on I parked super far away.  I parked down by the water and boy was it a sight on that beautiful Sunday morning!

After mass I got to spend the afternoon with my fabulous Bestie and her family.  I joined them for brunch in Old Town at one of their favorite restaurants ~ Overwood.  I had been here for dinner about a year ago (on a date...never saw him again) and the food is so yummy. Their Easter Brunch menu was incredible! There was sooo much food. I dined on salmon, french toast, cheese & crackers, fresh fruit, bacon, and more fruit!  You definitely got your money's worth.  

On our way back to the car we attempted to take pictures in the beautiful sunny weather. The wind gave us a bit of a challenge. After taking a million pictures we got some really good ones!  

So, if you ever find yourself in Old Town Alexandria and need a Catholic Church I highly recommend St. Mary's on Royal Street.  If you ever find yourself in Old Town Alexandria and need a nice place to have a meal I would check out Overwood.