High Five For Friday

Yay for the weekend!
I have a bit of a longer weekend to look forward to. I'll most likely be caught up with Game of Thrones (hopefully) and maybe check out some Redbox movies.

How was everyone's week?
I hope you had a wonderful week at work, home, with your families and friends.
Here's how mine went :~

*I Got A Manicure*
My friend Erin and I went to Rex Day Spa and got mani/pedis.  I got a full pedicure, but had the lady just paint my fingers.  I love Barbie Pink!

*I tested out a new hair color*
 I was going for this . . .

So I used this . . .

And I Got This . . .
It's a little darker and the red comes through a lot more than you can see in this picture. The light isn't that great. It looks a lot like the color on the box and the first photo. I'm really happy with it! So glad I did it.

*Getting Fit*
I sure did start the week off right...
 I went to the gym on Sunday morning.  Monday morning I got up at 5am and headed to the gym before work.  I did the same on Tuesday. I sent mom a SnapChat (above).  It feels good!  

*Quality CS Time*
Conference Service, that is.  I met up with my other Conference Service Managers for some Happy Hour fun.  We went to MXDC.  The Conchinita Pibil tacos were soooo good! I don't drink anymore, so I got a yummy Grapefruit Soda.
I wasn't quite read for the picture. haha!
That's much better!
and yes, i know...i'm really white/fair/pale..however you want to put it!
jacob thinks I need a tan, but i'm proud of my fair skin! heehee :)

*Sibling Appreciation Day*
Did you know that yesterday was Sibling Appreciation day?
My bro, Jacob, met me at MXDC with my coworkers and then we had some quality brother/sister time.  Even though we live in the same city, we don't actually see each other all that often.  Our schedules tend to be very different most of the time. It was nice catching up and spending some time together.

That's better!

How was your week? Tell me all about it below!

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