Grease Remake? WTF!

Remember that not so great Sound of Music Live that was done starring Carrie Underwood.  Well, it's all over the internet that a Live version of Grease is being done next year. I wish they would leave classics alone. There's also rumor about Steven Spielberg recreating West Side Story.  I just want to know when they're going to make Wicked into a movie starring Lea Michele. Anyways, back to Grease. Everyone is starting to post their own versions - E! Online - Grease Live | MTV's Grease Live | TV Buzz Grease Live | Entertainment Weekly.

~ Here's my Cast List of the 2015 FOX Grease Live ~

Danny ~ Jeremy Jordan
I almost forgot about him, but then I remember Smash and how well he wears that leather jacket.
Oh and the whole talent thing :)

Sandy ~ Brittany Snow
After seeing her in Pitch Perfect and that she can sing, I think she'd be great as Sandy.

Kenickie ~ Skylar Astin
It was tough for me to decide wether to cast him as Danny or Kenickie, but when I suddenly remembered Jeremy from Smash, I was sold! Plus I think he'd be great with Naya as Rizzo.

Rizzo ~ Naya Rivera
She's just perfect. There's no other way to put it. 
Naya is following the greats ~ Stockard Channing and me!

Yes, that's me 2nd from Left :) Rizzo Baby, yeah!

Vince Fontaine ~ Zac Efron
So many people are casting him as Danny, but I think he'd be better suited for Vince.

Marty ~ Leighton Meester

Teen Angel ~ Darren Criss
I want him to be a T-Bird, but he's so good for Teen Angel.

Frenchy ~ Anna Kendrick
I can just picture her sitting at that booth, staring up at Teen Angel, with that big bubble gum bubble.
So cute!

Eugene ~ Kevin McHale
I'm totally type-casting Kevin here, but he's a hot nerd and I think he'd be great. 
Too bad Eugene doesn't sing.

Patty Simcox ~ Taylor Swift
She's tall and perky. Perfect for Patty.

That's who I'd cast, at least right off the top of my head. Who would you cast?