Getting My Sh*t Together!

Here's to letting go of my three food loves!


Okay, it's time I really got my shit together!  I rejoined Weight Watchers 6 weeks ago, weighing in at 160.6 and I've lost 2 pounds total.  After my first week I lost 2.6, then gained 3.4 the following week.  Now I'm at 158.6 lbs.  At least I'm under 160.

About a month ago my dad and my brother decided to make a bet. You see, both are trying to lose weight and they like competition. Thank you mom, for convincing my not to join their game! Jacob is going on vacation mid-May to MOAB to rock climb and be all outdoorsy and my dad is trying to get into shape to be healthier (and to keep up with my mom).  Jacob has lost 10 pounds and Dad has lost 4.  Dad is doing the treadmill and walking with mom. He just joined Planet Fitness (woohoo) and he is using the LoseIt app on his phone to track his calories. Jacob is being very vigilant with his food.  At happy hour he didn't want anything to eat, because he wanted to stay on track.  I was all about the $6 tacos and $5 guac!

I asked Jacob what he was doing and this is what he said:
Breakfast - egg white omelet with spinach
Lunch - grilled chicken with veggies
Dinner - seared salmon
snacks on nuts all day
drinks TONS of water
He's at the gym for at least 1 1/2 - 2 hours
runs 2 miles at 6.8 speed (holy crap)
strength training

I always knew this, but I realized even more how Jacob and mom are so alike and how I'm so alike to my Dad. When it comes to our love for food that is.  Jacob said that if I could just get off the diet soda, pizza, and cookies (my mother is having a stroke right now with my honesty), then I would lose weight in a week without even working out.  Imagine if I was working out too! Even while writing this I'm thinking about a diet coke! haha!  He's lost 10 pounds and look great! I can tell just looking at him - his face looks thinner and his suit jacket isn't snug.  Now he wants to try and lose 20 more pounds.  Goooo Jacob! I can tell how determined he is. He'll do it!

I leave for vacation in 34 days (woohoo), that's just under 5 weeks.  My goal is to try and lose 10 more pounds by May 14th.  With Weight Watchers they give you your 5% goal (152.6 lbs) and your 10% goal (144.6 lbs) before determining your actual weight goal. If I can manage to lose 10 more pounds, then I'll be at 148.6.  I'll try to update you as I go along. Definitely on Saturdays :)