Are You Basic?

On Friday my co-worker, Nadine, and I were going back and forth with emails to another co-worker, Neal. We were joking with each other and being smart asses.  One of Neal's last emails to Nadine said, "You Basic."  I turned to Nadine and said, "what is he talking about?"  Nadine has to teach me a lot of things sometimes. Like what a THOT is (that's a whole other story!). Neal had also included a link to the below video ~ 

After watching this video it has been confirmed ~ I am a Basic B*tch!  Here is the list of things, just from this video, that make me Basic:

1. I LOVE scented candles. I have at least 2 in my house at all times. One for the kitchen and one for the living room.  I even take pictures of them when I think they look pretty.

2.  I have an inspirational quote in my email signature.

3. I was in a Sorority in college.
4. I have taken Zumba classes.
5. I enjoy the paninnis from Panera.
6. I throughly enjoy Say Yes to the Dress and indulge on those marathons!

7. Owning the Friends box set. I don't actually own it, but I totally would if I found a good enough deal on it. I LOVE that show and watch it whenever I find it on television!

8.  I may not have a picture frame that say "Family" but I have one like this...
The Gang
And this....
Mothers and Daughters
oh, and this...
Let's Drink To Girlfriends

9.  I dressed up as a "call girl" for Halloween in 2001. Not very original.
10.  I planned my best friend's bachelorette party and did a sort of Sex and the City spin to it.

I am Basic and I am Proud of it...haha! I love all of these "basic" things about me.  It makes me who I am and I love being a girlie girl.  Are you Basic and Proud of it?