A Good Week Ahead of Me

Happy Easter everyone! Are you Brunching today? How was your week?  Were you healthy and fit?

I wasn't fit and I was only somewhat healthy.  This past Monday I had a LEEP done (loop electorsurgical excision procedure - WebMD). It's a fairly common procedure these days, so nothing to worry about. I'm doing fabulous!  Anywho, because of that I didn't work out this week. I chose to let my body heal. Although, on Friday, I did walk from the Helix to the Monaco and back. That's about 20 minutes each way. Mom was in town to take me to the hospital for the procedure; she came in on Sunday and left Wednesday morning.

As I reported last weekend, I weighed in at 158.6. When I went to the hospital I weighed 157.4. Within one day of my mom being here I lost 1.2 pounds. THANKS MOM!  That's a total weight loss so far of 3.2 pounds. All that walking around the Cherry Blossoms.  Plus mom is way more super healthy than I am and I eat better when she's around.  Once mom left on Wednesday morning I sorta fell into my old habits. But, because it was only three days of bad habits I didn't do so bad :)

This week's game plan is going to rock the fat off of my hips/thighs/tummy!

Monday ~ BACK TO THE GYM - some quality time with the treadmill
Tuesday ~ More Gym Time - cardio
Wednesday ~ Strength training at the gym - pumping iron!
Thursday ~ Cardio Cardio Cardio!
Friday ~ Cardio aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagain!
Saturday ~ Strength training

I don't have plans after work this week, so I'm really going to try to hit the hay early and get to the gym in the mornings. It's so nice in the morning when no one is there. Especially on the days that I want to do the strength training, because I don't have to wait to use the machines.

Alright party people. I'm going to make sure to screen shot my food tracking to show you next week. That means that I have to do super extra really well :) did that make sense? Haha!

Have a fabulous week!