7 Ways

With so much negativity in the world today, whether it be heart breaking news or that coworker that just won't shut up, I wish I could see more goodness sometimes.  I was on my way to work the other day and there were people standing on 14th street across from the Washington Monument holding up signs.  At first I thought they were protesting.  Why did my mind go to that negative way?  Well, because that's the world we live in.  In D.C. there are groups of people protesting all the time.  When I took a closer look I saw that they were holding up signs with phrases on them that said ~ 

"Smile Today!"

"Don't be so hard on yourself!"

It made smile, that's for sure.  I wanted to honk my car horn and shout out the window and say, "THANK YOU!"  It got me to thinking, why don't we do more nice things for each other?  I've come up with a few ways for us to brighten someone's day.

1. Help someone with a "Selfie."  
Sometimes Selfies don't always turn out the way we hope.  I know that I'm horrible at taking them, plus I feel like a fool.  I either cut my own head off or miss taking the point of the picture itself.  I was in Old Town a couple weekends ago and there were two friends trying to take a picture of themselves with King Street behind them.  I offered to take their picture for them as I walked by and they were very grateful.  Next time you see someone trying to take a selfie offer your assistance.  You never know!

2. Compliment Someone
I was riding in the elevator in my apartment the other day and this woman got on to go down to the Lobby.  She was tall , very sleek hair, and had a beautiful red dress on.  She looked so pretty.  I was thinking, why don't I just tell her that?  So, I did.  She smiled and told me she liked my purse.
Maybe she was on her way to a job she doesn't like or on her way to school to take a test that she was dreading.  Maybe my compliment perked her up a bit to help her start the day.
Don't keep compliments to yourself, share them! You never know what it can do for someone else.

3. Acknowledge Someone
I got this one from my dad.
Whenever we are at a restaurant my dad always calls our server by their first name. That's what name tags are for right?  I do it too and even in the grocery store.  Living in such a diverse city I encounter people with very unique names.  If I don't know how to pronounce their name, then I ask.  I also like to ask how their day is going. A little bit of acknowledgment can go a long way for someone.

4. Hold the Door Open
This is a pretty obvious one, I think anyways.

5. Give Someone A Hug
When people feel sad or mad or frustrated I like to think that an "erica hug" will always help. It give you the comfort and ease to unfold if you need to.
That's me giving my Bestie a big ol' hug!

6. Leave a Note
I think leaving little notes to people is always a nice gesture.  Even if it only says "hello" that might be all they need.  Maybe they're having a bad day or are worrying about something. Lots of people keep their feelings tucked away. I know that I do.

7. Waive After You Change Lanes
Driving is stressful enough by itself. Add a crap ton of traffic into the mix and it's down right frustrating. In the Northern VA/DC area there is so much traffic and so many drivers that don't drive well at all! I think this is the one place where everyone, even myself, could learn to improve on our kindness.
When you change lanes, please waive to the driver behind you and ALWAYS use your turn signal.

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