Grease Remake? WTF!

Remember that not so great Sound of Music Live that was done starring Carrie Underwood.  Well, it's all over the internet that a Live version of Grease is being done next year. I wish they would leave classics alone. There's also rumor about Steven Spielberg recreating West Side Story.  I just want to know when they're going to make Wicked into a movie starring Lea Michele. Anyways, back to Grease. Everyone is starting to post their own versions - E! Online - Grease Live | MTV's Grease Live | TV Buzz Grease Live | Entertainment Weekly.

~ Here's my Cast List of the 2015 FOX Grease Live ~

Danny ~ Jeremy Jordan
I almost forgot about him, but then I remember Smash and how well he wears that leather jacket.
Oh and the whole talent thing :)

Sandy ~ Brittany Snow
After seeing her in Pitch Perfect and that she can sing, I think she'd be great as Sandy.

Kenickie ~ Skylar Astin
It was tough for me to decide wether to cast him as Danny or Kenickie, but when I suddenly remembered Jeremy from Smash, I was sold! Plus I think he'd be great with Naya as Rizzo.

Rizzo ~ Naya Rivera
She's just perfect. There's no other way to put it. 
Naya is following the greats ~ Stockard Channing and me!

Yes, that's me 2nd from Left :) Rizzo Baby, yeah!

Vince Fontaine ~ Zac Efron
So many people are casting him as Danny, but I think he'd be better suited for Vince.

Marty ~ Leighton Meester

Teen Angel ~ Darren Criss
I want him to be a T-Bird, but he's so good for Teen Angel.

Frenchy ~ Anna Kendrick
I can just picture her sitting at that booth, staring up at Teen Angel, with that big bubble gum bubble.
So cute!

Eugene ~ Kevin McHale
I'm totally type-casting Kevin here, but he's a hot nerd and I think he'd be great. 
Too bad Eugene doesn't sing.

Patty Simcox ~ Taylor Swift
She's tall and perky. Perfect for Patty.

That's who I'd cast, at least right off the top of my head. Who would you cast?

Are You Basic?

On Friday my co-worker, Nadine, and I were going back and forth with emails to another co-worker, Neal. We were joking with each other and being smart asses.  One of Neal's last emails to Nadine said, "You Basic."  I turned to Nadine and said, "what is he talking about?"  Nadine has to teach me a lot of things sometimes. Like what a THOT is (that's a whole other story!). Neal had also included a link to the below video ~ 

After watching this video it has been confirmed ~ I am a Basic B*tch!  Here is the list of things, just from this video, that make me Basic:

1. I LOVE scented candles. I have at least 2 in my house at all times. One for the kitchen and one for the living room.  I even take pictures of them when I think they look pretty.

2.  I have an inspirational quote in my email signature.

3. I was in a Sorority in college.
4. I have taken Zumba classes.
5. I enjoy the paninnis from Panera.
6. I throughly enjoy Say Yes to the Dress and indulge on those marathons!

7. Owning the Friends box set. I don't actually own it, but I totally would if I found a good enough deal on it. I LOVE that show and watch it whenever I find it on television!

8.  I may not have a picture frame that say "Family" but I have one like this...
The Gang
And this....
Mothers and Daughters
oh, and this...
Let's Drink To Girlfriends

9.  I dressed up as a "call girl" for Halloween in 2001. Not very original.
10.  I planned my best friend's bachelorette party and did a sort of Sex and the City spin to it.

I am Basic and I am Proud of it...haha! I love all of these "basic" things about me.  It makes me who I am and I love being a girlie girl.  Are you Basic and Proud of it?

Celebs: Then and Now

I was watching the Lindsay Lohan documentary on Own (on demand).  She's 27 years old, has been in and out of rehab 6 times. She smokes like a chimney and she's quite a bit nutty.  I still have high hopes for her.  Anyways, it got me to thinking about the Lindsay we all met in 1998's The Parent Trap.  She grew up in front of our eyes and we saw her in Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. Since then Lindsay has gone through several hair colors, a music career, and lip fillers.

Then I started thinking about Miley Cyrus.  When I lived in Los Angeles I did some background work in Hannah Montana.  We were on break from shooting for lunch and I was sitting at a table with some other background actors.  Miley walked by and was so pretty sweet and said hi and everything.  She was 14 at the time. It's amazing how people change in Hollywood.

Not every celeb has had such a dramatic change since childhood.  Natalie Portman was also a child star. In 1994 she starred in the movie The Professional, she was 12.  Natalie has had quite a successful movie career and is an Oscar winner.

We can't forget our favorite chick from Saved By The Bell, now can we?!  At 18 Tiffani Thiessen won the hearts of every pre-pubescent boy in America as Kelly Kapowski.  Now, at the age of 40, Tiffani has her own cooking show and can also be seen on the hit show Blue Collar.  She's still as gorgeous as ever!

Every man knows who Scarlett Johansson is.  The hot version anyways.  Do you remeber her from Ghost World where she starred at Thora Birch's best friend? I do.  Scarlett sure has grown up quite beautifully and with a great career to boot!

Anne Hathway hasn't been around quite as long of Scarlett or Natalie, but she's matured before our eyes.  She was one of our favorite Princesses in Ella Enchated and The Princess Diaries.  She's been nominated for an Oscar more than once and won and Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Les Miserables.

Did anyone out there watch Clarissa Explains It All??? I sure did. I bought the book and everything!  Of course, I watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch too. Loved it!  Melissa Joan Hart has a new television show on ABC Family called Melissa and Joey and Joey Lawrence costars with her.  MJH has has some challenges growing up in front of the cameras an paparazzi. She's been scrutinized for her weight gain and weight loss. She looks great now!

Rachel McAdams is one of my favorites! I think I've seen every movie she's done and I love her!  Her huge break out role was starring with Ryan Gosling in The Notebook.  We also know her from her costar role with Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls as Regina George and we can't forget her in The Hot Chick.  She's been through boyfriends, pink hair, and several fabulous films.  I can't wait to see what's next!

Transformation can be interesting. Especially if it's someone who is always in the spotlight.  I may not have grown up in front of an audience, but I did grow up in front of a camera, my mom's camera!
I'm big into selfies right now :)

I want to see your then and now!

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Thank God It's Friday

I am so glad it's Friday you have no idea! I have been such an emotional roller coaster this week. Grrr! I'm getting a spray tan with my friend Marina after work today, Erin and I are having a girls day on Saturday, and Sunday I have to work (silent boo). I'm planning on enjoying my time to the absolute fullest this weekend!   Maybe I'll even fit in a movie (The Other Woman comes out today and I really want to see it!).  I hope you all had a fabulous week. Let's get this show on the road, shall we?

On Saturday I had lunch with two of my fabulous girlfriends, Allison and Jen.  Jen has been living Beijing for the past year and was home for a couple weeks.  These two women have been amazing for me in my life and I owe them a whole lotta love! They are fabulous and I love them!

You might think this is silly, but I'm really proud of myself.  Since I have had my car I haven't really done anything "mechanical" with it. Well, I had been out of washer fluid for a really long time. The nice thing about my Kia is that is gives me a warning when I'm running out.  I just ignored it and was all like, "I'll get around to it." Haha! I was bone dry and now that the pollen is here I was in desperate need of some clean windows. I went to Wal-Mart and bought some washer fluid. It took the whole jug and probably could have taken more!

If you have ever been a fan of Lindsay Lohan, then you need to check out the docu-series she did on the OWN network. It's only 8 episodes and trust me, you'll fly right through it!

Grumpy Cat was on American Idol Wednesday night. He looked so happy to be there! And yes, I took pictures of my television. :-)

I just want to say thank you to God. Thank you for the life that I have, the health that I have, the family that I have and the friends that I have. Thank you for the path that I am on. Even though I may not know where that path will lead me, I'm all yours!

How was your week? Tell me all about it below!

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Happy Hump Day

Like A Tourist: Easter in Old Town

What a beautiful weekend we had! So lovely and sunny and perfect for Easter Sunday.  People come out of the wood work for Holy events such as Christmas and Easter.  I'm glad everyone comes out to celebrate! I love seeing the little kids all dressed up in their Sunday best and everyone looking so happy. Oh and the feeling of togetherness! On March 5th I posted about the season of Lent and how I went to church on Ash Wednesday. I talked about a few things I was hoping to accomplish during Lent - volunteering at an animal shelter and the 40 Day Bible Challenge.  Well, neither of those things happened.  I did however, find a church that I love. After Ash Wednesday I went to a few churches, but none of them really felt like "home." Then four weeks ago I remembered that there is a Catholic Church in Old Town Alexandria that I pass by all the time.  I went to the 8:30am mass and fell in love with St Mary's.

St Mary's reminds me of the church my family goes to back home in Roanoke ~ St Andrew's. My parents still attend mass and I go with them when I go home.

Remember that really long line and huge crowd that I waited in for mass on Ash Wednesday?  Well, it was pretty much the same on Sunday.

St Mary's is beautiful inside.  The stained glass windows and signs of the cross are so pretty and colorful. The balcony in the back is where the choir sings during the masses.  On Easter Sunday the choir was so amazing! There was a trumpet player and everything!  It was really wonderful.  Love this church! I'm so happy that I decided to check it out.

I went to the 10am mass and it was packed! I got there really early, but because the 8:30am mass was still going on I parked super far away.  I parked down by the water and boy was it a sight on that beautiful Sunday morning!

After mass I got to spend the afternoon with my fabulous Bestie and her family.  I joined them for brunch in Old Town at one of their favorite restaurants ~ Overwood.  I had been here for dinner about a year ago (on a date...never saw him again) and the food is so yummy. Their Easter Brunch menu was incredible! There was sooo much food. I dined on salmon, french toast, cheese & crackers, fresh fruit, bacon, and more fruit!  You definitely got your money's worth.  

On our way back to the car we attempted to take pictures in the beautiful sunny weather. The wind gave us a bit of a challenge. After taking a million pictures we got some really good ones!  

So, if you ever find yourself in Old Town Alexandria and need a Catholic Church I highly recommend St. Mary's on Royal Street.  If you ever find yourself in Old Town Alexandria and need a nice place to have a meal I would check out Overwood.

A Good Week Ahead of Me

Happy Easter everyone! Are you Brunching today? How was your week?  Were you healthy and fit?

I wasn't fit and I was only somewhat healthy.  This past Monday I had a LEEP done (loop electorsurgical excision procedure - WebMD). It's a fairly common procedure these days, so nothing to worry about. I'm doing fabulous!  Anywho, because of that I didn't work out this week. I chose to let my body heal. Although, on Friday, I did walk from the Helix to the Monaco and back. That's about 20 minutes each way. Mom was in town to take me to the hospital for the procedure; she came in on Sunday and left Wednesday morning.

As I reported last weekend, I weighed in at 158.6. When I went to the hospital I weighed 157.4. Within one day of my mom being here I lost 1.2 pounds. THANKS MOM!  That's a total weight loss so far of 3.2 pounds. All that walking around the Cherry Blossoms.  Plus mom is way more super healthy than I am and I eat better when she's around.  Once mom left on Wednesday morning I sorta fell into my old habits. But, because it was only three days of bad habits I didn't do so bad :)

This week's game plan is going to rock the fat off of my hips/thighs/tummy!

Monday ~ BACK TO THE GYM - some quality time with the treadmill
Tuesday ~ More Gym Time - cardio
Wednesday ~ Strength training at the gym - pumping iron!
Thursday ~ Cardio Cardio Cardio!
Friday ~ Cardio aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagain!
Saturday ~ Strength training

I don't have plans after work this week, so I'm really going to try to hit the hay early and get to the gym in the mornings. It's so nice in the morning when no one is there. Especially on the days that I want to do the strength training, because I don't have to wait to use the machines.

Alright party people. I'm going to make sure to screen shot my food tracking to show you next week. That means that I have to do super extra really well :) did that make sense? Haha!

Have a fabulous week!

Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday everyone! How was your week?  I hope it was enjoyable and productive all at the same time!

Let's get down to it, shall we?

Monday morning I came home to these beautiful flowers. They are in a purple vase with pink and purple flowers. They are sooo pretty! Thanks Dad!
Thanks Pops!

I love Daisies ~ They are my favorite flower.
While momma was up here something AMAZING happened! I was playing Candy Crush and showing mom how to do it.  Then she said, "I have to get this." She got out of bed and got her phone to download the game. Love it!

I got to hang out with this fabulous lady on Wednesday. Linds came over for dinner and we talked and caught up. Before we realized it she'd been here for 3 hours!!!!!!!!!! We could have kept on talking and talking and talking. I love spending time with this one. She's a keeper of a Bestie!
This picture was taken at dinner on my 30th Birthday last August.

About a week ago I checked my mail and saw a bill, so I decided to just leave it all on my desk and get to it later.  Well, the other day I decided to go through the massive pile and found something awesome!!!  Kia Motors sent me a $50 gift card.  Apparently I had a "bump in the road" shortly after buying my car, so they sent this to say thank you for the purchase and sorry for the bump. So nice of them!  Thanks Kia! :)

It's that time of year. At least I thought it was until the thirty degree weather came back! No matter how we feel right now, Spring is on the way which means Summer's not too far behind.  I go on vacation in 28 days and I want to look fresh. I did some research (well, Pinterest research) to find the best selfless tanner for me.  I decided to go with the Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer.  It's not instant, but you see color a lot faster than I thought I would.  I saw where I missed a few spots and going back over it once more covered it. I'm really pleased with the foam and it dries super fast, so you don't need to worry about it getting on your clothes.

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Who Am I?

Do you ever sit an ponder "Who am I?" and what meaning life is? You're not the only one. There are plenty of people out there, myself included, who wonder the same thing every day.  It's a good thing we have websites like Buzzfeed, Zimbio, and QuizMosh to help define who we are and what we're meant to do in our lives! 

I mean, if it wasn't for Quizmosh  I wouldn't know which classic actress I am...

...or which fabulous lady from Sex and the City I am.

Without Zimbio...

I don't know how I would go through life without knowing which Wizard of Oz character I am... 

...which action star I'm supposed to be...

 ...or which Friends character I am.

And then there are other parts of my life where I would be utterly lost if I didn't know...

Who my 80's boyfriend would be...
Very grateful to have not ended up with Jeff Spicoli from Fast Time at Ridgemont High.

 ...which fantasy world am I destined to live in...

...where I should work... 
I did dress up as Joan for Halloween one year.  Coincidence?

...or which Ryan Gosling character is mean for me!

Thank you Zimbio, Quizmosh, and Buzzfeed! There are times when I sit idly at my computer taking your quizzes to pass the time, give me a chuckle, and leave me utterly satisfied with the outcome of the destiny of my life.  There are those few time I am slightly disappointed with how my life has turned out (I really thought I would get Rachel and not Phoebe), but then I have to remember that not everything will turn out the way it's supposed to in life.  I'm sure my life has plenty more defining to do and I know just where to go to figure it out!