What I Wore...While Sleeping @ Work!

When I was home this previous weekend the weather was beautiful!  On Sunday it got up to 61 degrees!  Love it.  Spring was finally here.  Oh, wait, no it wasn't!  5 inches of what???  Don't even say the 'S' word!
March 3, 2014 in front of the White House
Well, needless to say Northern VA and several other areas were, once again, victims of this weird "winter" weather.  I understand that the mid-west is having it a zillion times worse, so no offense!
The weather was predicted to get pretty bad and I had a group staying at my hotel that was scheduled to have a meeting in one of our spaces Monday morning.  I HAD  to be at work!  So, I spent the night in my fabulous place of business.  See, I really was sleeping at work!

This was the first time I had stayed at my hotel.  It was really comfy.  The hotel is definitely funky.  Who else can say that Barbie and Ken (waist down) are in your room :)  There's also a yoga mat in each room.  I didn't use it!

One of the coolest things about Kimpton hotels is that we have animal print bathrobes in all of our guest rooms. I finally got to try one on!

Don't I look just fabulous!
Yes, I unpack everything and organize.  It's one of the wonderful traits I have picked up from my dad!  Now you know what kind of deodorant and toothpaste I use.

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