Southern State of Mind

I love country music.  I didn't always love it.  I actually used to think it was annoying.  My dad was a big Garth Brooks fan and I remember when he would play it when I was little.  When I was in middle/high school I was in the Roanoke College Children's Choir.  The choir got to perform with LeAnn Rimes.  She was also my first concert ever!  In 1998 my choir was selected to sing back up for Shania Twain when she came to the Roanoke Civic Center. An excerpt from the Roanoke Times ~

"Last week was the busiest week choir director Kimberly Davidson can remember in the dozen-year life of the Roanoke College Children's Choir. ... To start off the week, the choir performed Carmina Burana with the Roanoke Symphony and Choral Society. Last Tuesday, 12 choir members sang with Shania Twain at the Roanoke Civic Center. Thursday, they performed with the U.S. Army Concert Band."

Living in Los Angeles was when I really started listening to country music.  I think Carrie Underwood really got me into Country.  I remember when she was on American Idol.  These three ladies got me hooked!

Over the weekend I went home to Roanoke to see a country music concert.  You see, I have a bucket list of artists/bands that I want to see in concert.  This guy was definitely one of them!

Of course we had to sit through some opening bands. Have you heard of this guy?
If you haven't, and you like country music, check him out.  David Nail is so talented and sounds fantastic live.  He has a hit song right now - Whatever She's Got.  So good!  He was signing autographs after his performance.  Duh, of course I took the opportunity.  He's hot!
The lady manning the line wasn't very pleasant and wouldn't let us take pictures with him.  My mom's friend, S, tried to help me out!  I found a poster of him on the wall, so I took a picture with him and the autographed CD cover.

Then there was the Eli Young Band.  I could have done without him.  I thought David Nail was much better.

Darius Rucked rocked the house down!!!!!!

He was so AWESOME!!!!!  This guy can sing anything!  Darius sang all of his hits ~ All Right, Wagon Wheel (which mentions 'Roanoke' in the song), Come Back, Radio, True Believers, Southern State of Mind.  He also sang some classic Hootie and the Blowfish songs.  The amazing thing about the concert was how personal he made it.  He incorporated the following ~ 

Darius is the Best!  He seems like such a super nice guy.  Plus, when he dances he wiggles his butt.  Cute!

I went to the show with Momma, of course, and her fabulously hilarious friend S and S's daughter.
We all had dinner at Blue's BBQ in downtown Roanoke.  They have a great pulled pork sandwich!

They took some Jager shots..yuck!
Waiting in line to meet David Nail!

It was such a great night with wonderful memories!

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