My Game Plan

~ here's my game plan for the coming week ~

*a day for me*
i'm going to go to Barnes & Noble
grocery shop at Target and Trader Joe's
go for a walk - it's so pretty out!
i'm going to rent movies and read and work on my journal
oh, and work on my blog

gym first thing in the morning - 7am!
brunch with a long lost friend
more blog work
church at 5pm

work - oh so fun :)
gym straight after

work - again..haha!
happy hour after work

work - Hump Day!
gym with Marina

work - it's almost Friday
work event

last chance work out

gym 4 Days - walk outside 1 day - that's 5 days of exercise
i want to hit my goal by May 10th - 7 weeks.
i'm on my way to being "done."

I go on vacation the very next week.
I have to buy a bathing suit.  I haven't owned a bathing suit in 3 years.