Like A Tourist: Arlington Cemetery

In 7th grade we took a class trip to Washington, DC.  I was 12 years old.  Here's a pic of my 7th grade class in front of the White House.  Can you find me?

 This past weekend hit 72 degrees outside.  Boy, am I glad I got to experience the beautiful weather, because it's supposed to snow today.  I just want spring to come and stay!!!!!  Don't we all?  Anywho... If you read yesterday's post, then you know all about my D.C. Bucket List.  Saturday I got to cross something off of my list ~ the Arlington Cemetery & Changing of the Guard.  On my 7th grade trip I remember standing around during the Changing of the Guard, but that's about it.  Let me tell you, seeing it as an adult was a totally enlightening experience.  It is amazingly beautiful, peaceful, and humbling.  I didn't realize just how large the cemetery is.  It's really hard to believe so many people served our country.  Of course I know that there are millions of people who have served and do serve today, but to see the stones of those whom has passed was breathtaking.  There were some really cool names and crazy dates from the 1800's.  Take a look at some of the pictures that I took while walking around Arlington Cemetery.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Changing of the Guard

Inspection of the next Guard

The view from Arlington House was amazing!

I love that you can see this fantastic view of the Lincoln Memorial from here.  It's my favorite presidential monument.

JFK and Family's Grave Site
~ You can see EVERYTHING from this POV ~
Lincoln Memorial | Washington Monument
The Capitol | The Jefferson Memorial

I was at Arlington Cemetery for almost 2 hours.  I could have been there longer. I'm not sure if I even covered half of the area.  I could definitely go back on a another beautiful day.  Can you even imagine what this place must look like in Spring/Summer's full bloom? With the Cherry Blossoms?  What will I do this weekend? Come back next Tuesday to find out!

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