I Love Friday

I'm so glad it's Friday. How was your week? Did you do awesome things?

On Monday I decided to take a walk around the block. I'd been sitting all day and needed to get up and get some fresh air.  It's actually pretty cool walking around D.C.  I tried taking streets I'd never been up before.  I saw this on the side walk.
It put a smile on my face :)

Man, I love having cable! I got to watch the Reunion for my Beverly Hills Housewives.
I love Lisa and Kyle the best.  Carlton, Joyce and Kim are crazy and nutzo. Brandi drives me crazy!
So much fun!

Well, we got snow again on Tuesday.  At least it wasn't too bad.  It was nothin' really.  Gone by Wednesday. This city is really pretty in snow.

I have a free pass to Sport & Health right now and with that came a free session with a personal trainer.
We did more talking than exercising, but what we did do on the floor I am still feeling today! Boy am I sore!
He showed me some good core exercises and back exercises.  I have trouble with my knees, so he showed me some things I can do to help strengthen them

Last night I assisted with a client event at one of our newly renovated hotels ~ The George.
We brought in George Washington from the Washington Nationals to hang out with us! This guy was super popular and when he was outside with Valet he was literally stopping traffic!  The event was a great success and The George looks beautiful. 
Check out the hotel ~ www.HotelGeorge.com 

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