Finally, Friday Is Here

I'm so glad that it's Friday!  You have no idea :)  Let's get on with this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Sunday I met up with my fabulous friend Marcy for brunch and a movie.  We met in Del Ray and had brunch at Cheesetique.  
I got pancakes and they were AMAZING! They are ricotta filled and fluffy and light and a very reasonably sized.

Monday was St. Patrick's Day and of course I wore green.  So did another little monster.
I got this little onsie for Baby K and I'm so glad that Linds got a picture of her in it. I love it!

Oh and it snowed again and it's supposed to snow again on Tuesday!
This time I was super stuck in my parking spot.  Thank goodness that the very nice gentleman in the van scraping off his minivan let me use his shovel.  Then he helped me shovel while I scraped off my windows! Thank you God for sending the lovely angel man with the shovel!
If it snows on Tuesday, I've already decided that I'm staying home.

I got a tattoo.  Haha! Not really :)
It's temporary and it's actually already come off.  
I love ladybugs!

Well, it's tourist season.  I saw soooo many tourist groups this week and at least 4 yesterday morning driving into work.  It makes my commute into work that much more difficult. Grrr!
Looking on the bright side...I get to jam out to my awesome music in the car for longer!

How was your week? Tell me all about it below!

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